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One stone after the other, the goddess of everything: AMULMUMTAZ.

An educator, a gold medalist, an entrepreneur and a culinary artist; AmulMumtaz Khan sets no limits to their craft. It does everything so perfectly that it blooms to achieve what it set out to do. A dedicated mother and a dedicated woman. An inspiration for all young women out there. Who is unstoppable in what they do, whether in the home arena or professionally. She graduated from LGS Defense Lahore, and graduated in Culinary Arts Under Fine Dining from Taylor’s University. Followed by a BSc from the University of London in International Business with 7 awards and a worldwide award in multinational companies and an MBA from Cardiff Business School UK with 3 awards.

She says: “I have just started, passion and profession go together with heaven. Just start small and dream big. “

W / O – How difficult is it to be married to an Air Force officer?

AMK: As difficult as marrying a man. I love my husband very much and have always seen the Air Force as my family. It is a question of perception. I take it as my unique medal.

W / O – Have you always had the ability to take care of yourself or was it deliberately developed?

AMK-I think self-care is as important as breathing. It is education. Definitely works overtime, but you always have to stay up to date. As women, we have to know everything right now, regardless of his requirements.

W / O-How do you manage a baby at home and work with such a commitment to Appen as a senior data analyst?

AMK – I think it’s challenging, but not impossible. Strict schedules and commitment. Fortunately, I have a support system around me. My father, my husband and my beloved brother. Having Hania was definitely the greatest blessing in my life. It won’t be any different.

W / O – What are the no-zones for you? How do you deal with difficult people?

You know what they say, even if your peach is the ripe and juiciest in the world, there will still be someone who hated peaches. I love my haters. You keep me going. Cut them off for difficult people. If not literally, then mentally. Fraud, lies, double crossing and disrespect. Large no zones. I don’t have time for such negativity.

WHERE – Where do you see yourself in the future?

AMK: I think I have just started. Maybe a doctor and a stronger business analyst. Set up my own school. A happy person … a dreamer.

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