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Best hikes for beginners in Uttarakhand

Most likely you’ve heard of the legendary band ‘The Beatles’ and even heard their music. But you will be surprised to know that you have visited Uttarakhand, referred to as the “Land of God” to find creative inspiration!

Well, it’s not hard to see why they designed Uttarakhand as a source of the flow of their creative juices. The vast Himalayas, the thick wood, the whirlwind of flora and fauna and finally the hikes – everything so that you can immerse yourself in your creative perfection away from the noise.

Mountain stations like Nainital, Mussoorie, Auli and Dehradun have always attracted people all over the world. The trekking enthusiasts have more reasons to visit Uttarakhand because the trails of some of the famous trekking lead to this place.

We’ll talk about some of them today.

1) Nag Tibba – Appreciate the mastery of nature

Sunset from Nag Tibba Trek

Best time to travel: winter – October to December / summer – April to June

Duration of the hike: 7 hours for a 10 km hike from base camp to the hill

Difficulty level: Pretty easy

Every hike takes hours of effort to see the brilliance of nature, which creates indelible moments. Nag Tibba offers a look at the mastery of nature, but with minimal welding. It is an ideal weekend hike that can aptly compensate for the Himalayan hike that has been planned for months.

The path leads through the grass cover, the dense jungle and the cultural heritage sites. So you have something all the way that drives you forward when you’re exhausted. The price is waiting for you above, a 100-degree view of the snow-covered Himalayas, the Bandarpoonch and the Kala Nag summit. The sight of
The Kedarnath summit in the north would itself be the only motivator for the hike.

2) Har Ki Doon – encounter with rare fauna and soil

Har Ki Doon Trek, Uttarakhand

Best time to travel: summer – April to June / autumn – September to December.

Duration of the hike: A total of 47 km can be covered in 6-7 days.

Difficulty level: Moderately difficult

This hike is part of a general folklore history and stretches for 44 km. The highest point of the hike is 14,000 feet. The fascinating view of the nearby mountain ranges in both summer and winter is an unforgettable sight.

The beauty of Har Ki Dun The hike is not just on the summit, the path itself takes you through a journey through time with small settlements that originated a hundred or even a few thousand years ago. In the middle of the forest, you may find some rare bird species along with other species of wildlife.

This place is known for its frequent rains and most of it focuses on the summers. Hiding between the sun and rain-filled clouds ready to burst makes the hike even more satisfying. However, you must be well prepared for such situations.

3) Valley of Flowers – Hike amidst the vibrant colors of nature

Scenic walks from Uttarakhand

Best time to travel: July to August, when the flowers are in full bloom

Duration of the hike: About 6 days to complete the hike

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

Close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by more than 600 types of flowers, surrounded by high mountains. Welcome, you are in a valley of flowers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This place is a paradise for people who are fascinated by nature and love flowers. Not only the floral life form that is tempting here, a few miles into the forest, and you can spot a musk deer, black bear of Asian origin, blue sheep and many other wildlife.

As a tourer you will find many reasons to prove why this place is listed in the UNESCO records.

4) Auli – winter trekking destination

These snow-capped mountain views during a hike in Uttarakhand

Best time to go: November to March

Duration of the hike: 3 hours on 5-6 km

Difficulty level: Moderately difficult

Auli is one of the most perfect winter destinationsaway from the rising mercury of urban chaos. Trekking in Auli offers the ideal mix of leisure and adventure. Such a combination results from the lush green valley and the snow-capped mountains that follow you all the way.

Auli is one of the ideal places for a snow trekking adventure. It creates a feeling of joy when you see snow everywhere, much like a child in a candy store. The sight of sunrise and sunset can make anyone a photographer.

As you complete the hike, a 360-degree view of the Garhwal Himalayas and Nand Devi awaits you.

5) Kedarkantha Trek – On snow covered trails

Sky landscape from Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand

Best time to travel: winter – December to March.

Duration of the hike: 7 hours to complete the 6 km hike

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate

You may not be an experienced trekker on hard terrain all the time, but if you want to be part of such a destination before trekking, the Kedarnatha Trek is your place. The snow-covered path shows you the way to the summit. The surrounding views of the snow-capped Black Peak, Bandarpoonch and the Swargarohini Mountains will tempt you to move forward.

The campsites are sporadic and consistent. There is a campsite just a few kilometers away at all times during your trip. These campsites offer you the much needed rest after long hours of hiking and prepare your body for the upcoming trails.

Close thoughts

Descent begins after soaking in the snow-capped mountains

In short, Uttarakhand has the trails for all types of trekking enthusiasts. All you have to do is unpack your fears and plunge into the adventure. They have parks, snow-capped mountain ranges, and rich flora and fauna reserves to keep you busy.

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