Why invest in a web conferencing platform? Educational

Why you should invest in a web conference platform

In contrast to CRM platforms and learning management systems, which handle a wide range of business tasks, meeting management tools are often seen as unnecessary effort. Video conferencing platforms are only intended for remote meetings where employees cannot get to the office, right? Unfortunately, this common misunderstanding prevents many companies from holding interesting events, promoting internal collaboration, and lowering ILT costs. The right online meeting platform plays a critical role in implementing your L&D strategy online, even if you have a small staff working in the same locale. Here are 7 benefits of web conferencing software for your bottom line.

eBook Release: Global Engagement: Choosing and Using Web Conferencing Software for Employee Development

eBook release

Global engagement: Choosing and using web conferencing software for employee development

Find web conferencing solutions for companies that work remotely and geographically.

1. Improve team collaboration

It’s almost impossible to develop and deliver online training content when your team is fragmented. Not only from a geographical point of view, but also in their work practice. Employees may not know how their tasks fit into the overall plan or how they can achieve the L&D goals. Web conference software makes collaboration easier and removes communication barriers. In this way, they can complete tasks more effectively and quickly in order to increase their profit margins for online training and to keep an eye on project progress. You can also ensure that everyone understands the goals, milestones, and results you want, rather than spending hours on online training content that serves outdated goals or doesn’t meet your current L&D needs.

2. Increase the engagement of your employees

Front-end users also benefit from web conferencing software that directly affects your bottom line. They are more concerned with online training content as it is interactive and takes place in real time. Employees watch live presentations, ask questions and communicate with remote colleagues / online teachers. This improves understanding and knowledge retention, makes them more confident in the job and reduces employee turnover. Meeting management software encourages them to play an active role in their own development. You don’t just read a manual passively or listen to a lecture.

3. Eliminate travel expenses

Companies typically chisel room for instructor fees, site rentals, and printed materials in their budgets. These are necessary expenses that you have to take into account in ILT. However, web conferencing eliminates all of these travel expenses, so you can allocate resources elsewhere, such as: B. in the development of new online training content that enriches the eLearning experience. Or hire new L&D employees to continuously update and update your online training library. No more flight, accommodation or location booking fees. However, you still have to bear the costs of developing online training content, fees for online instructors, and maintaining web conferencing training tools.

4. Offer personal peer support

Peer support provides employees with a safety net that they can access without managers having to intervene. With web conferencing software, they have access to an extensive network of peer insights, tips and eLearning feedback to continuously expand their skills. You can meet more experienced team members to discuss common challenges and create an action plan. This can take the form of individual video conference sessions or group chats. This gives employees the support they need to identify hidden gaps and deal with them discreetly, learn from past mistakes, and uncover performance habits that affect productivity in the workplace.

5. Reduce compliance risks quickly

There are certain performance behaviors that must be resolved immediately. For example, customer service representatives have followed the same job logs for years. But new rules or regulations will change all of that. You can schedule a spontaneous event to address the new guidelines and how they affect your work. How to implement the revised steps and avoid common mistakes. In fact, for security reasons, you can even hold weekly / monthly compliance events. In these regularly scheduled meetings, the latest rules and tips for risk reduction are summarized.

6. Make the most of internal SMEs

There are undoubtedly people in your company who have niche skills and talents. They are experienced employees who can share their knowledge with the team without straining your L&D budget. However, these internal experts need a web conferencing platform, preferably to interact with colleagues as quickly and conveniently as possible so that they can continue to do their daily chores. Encourage employees to hold their own events based on personal expertise. Or live questions and answers on topic-centered topics that affect your profit margin, e.g. B. to overcome customer fear in the sales area. Or unconventional ways to use the new product line so employees can improve their pitch.

7. Expand the available online training resources

Meeting management software requires an investment. While some providers charge a license fee in advance, others rely on a monthly subscription model. In any case, these web conferencing tools can also help you expand internal online training resources and reduce L&D costs, such as: B. Reuse existing resources and make optimal use of internal talent. You can create a presentation using eLearning materials that are already in your online training library to refresh your knowledge. Or host an online training resources event so they know where to find relevant information. Another creative way to maximize your web conference training ROI is to record events and upload them to your repository. It is the gift that always gives, even if employees cannot attend the live session.

Web conferencing software offers a wide range of applications that go far beyond virtual meetings. From managing online training materials to mitigating compliance risks through spontaneous live events. Video conference tools make the online training experience more meaningful for employees and strengthen your corporate culture. Everyone is on the same page, even if they are geographically distributed. The web conference platform offers them the opportunity to exchange ideas, questions and concerns from anywhere in the world. The secret is to identify your essential functions in advance based on employee preferences and online training goals.

Would you like to learn more about the advantages that web conferencing software can offer your company? The eBook Global engagement: Choosing and using web conferencing software for employee development offers many helpful tips and innovative solutions to help you maintain the effectiveness of your online training strategy and build a strong corporate culture, even when your employees are working from home.

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