What nutritional supplements and vitamins do I take? Fashion

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As someone who has always valued health and well-being, much of this routine involves taking supplements and vitamins. When I was more concerned with what my body needed, it was clear from the start that Global healing was the way to go. If you are not familiar Global remedyg, they want to enable their customers to live a healthy, balanced life while being vegan, GMO-free and gluten free, ethical and packaged additions. If you’ve taken supplements before you can imagine a standard pill you take every day or something in that sense, Global Healing is SO much more than that! I really fell in love with the brand and its products, so let me break it down for you guys!

The additions I started taking Global Healing and specialize in my specific needs. To be honest, and this could be TMI, but I had some intestinal problems that I’ve had to deal with in the past, so I knew I had to work on it. I also struggle with vitamin B12 deficiency, so I wanted to focus on correcting it. There are so many options and supplements offered by Global Healing. No matter what you’re struggling with, I know they can help. You can read more about all of their products Here, but below are the ones I took and loved!

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I have to call Oxy-Powder first because it has become an absolute staple for me. It helped correct the intestinal problems mentioned above, which previously led to severe bloating and occasional constipation. It could be stress, something I’ve eaten, or dehydration, but when I feel supported, I swear I’ll take it Global healing oxy powder, a natural oxygen-based cleaning agent. It’s gentle and won’t let you be drained while being cleaned!

I always knew B12 was a really important vitamin, but when I started taking Global Healing supplements and reading about the side effects, if I didn’t have enough of them in my diet, I realized that I needed to make sure I was on top was on it. Some of the best known symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are low energy levels and brain fog. With two young children and a baby on the way, I definitely don’t have time for any of these symptoms. I love that Global Healing B12 supplement I started taking organic and natural (all Global Healing products are!) So I don’t have to worry about getting anything toxic in my body as I increase my intake.

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Did you know that iodine is actually a really important nutrient that we all need for our bodies to function properly? That was new information for me, which is why I love this addition. It naturally increases your iodine level, which is important for hormone balance, metabolism and thyroid function. One bottle is enough for six months, so it is a minimal investment with an enormous return!

One of the most popular vitamin deficiencies is vitamin D, especially in the winter months. To stay on top of my vitamin D, I started taking it Suntrex Every day. It comes from a plant, of course, so I don’t have to worry about questionable ingredients. It helps stimulate my brain and boost my immune system – something we all need now!