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There is no escape: no matter how consolidated and efficient your strategy for digital marketing may be, you always have to keep your eyes open for new trends.

After all, this approach only works if you know how to get the public’s attention and build your digital presence.

As you know, you need to use SEO techniques to achieve a solid organic traffic strategy – for example, link building, an approach that aims to get other websites to drive your visitors to your website.

The question is: How can you convince other portals to structure these backlinks?

The latest idea in this sense is the production of authentic materials that stimulate visitor interactionto generate more value for their experience.

Want to learn more about how to use interactive content to get backlinks? In this text you will learn:

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What is interactive content?

Interactive content is the one in which the audience can actively participatewhether you answer a quiz or click a button to view information in an infographic.

It is a much more attractive model than the traditional one because it constantly encourages audience engagement.

In the traditional format, which is called passive, the consumer is unable to interact with the content, which makes consumption much less attractive.

It’s like a monologue in which your brand transmits information without the audience being able to participate in the conversation.

Consequently, Interactive content is an efficient way to engage in dialogue with your consumerand contributes to your marketing strategy in many ways. We’ll talk more about this in the following topic.

What relevance does it have for a marketing strategy?

Think of a content marketing strategy.

It has to attract the buyer personality, convince them of the authority of your brand and educate them to enable the conversion, right?

Using interactive elements in your materials is a practice that can bring benefits in completing all of these steps.

Interactive content initially has a much higher potential for attraction than passive content promotes engagement of the person and differs from most materials on the Internet.

These statements can be verified by several studies like that CMI reportwho interviewed about 20,000 people.

According to the survey, 87% of marketers believe that interactive content is more efficient than static content if it attracts Internet users’ attention.

This happens because, as you know, Consumer 4.0 demands increasingly unique and qualified experiencesthat can be achieved through interaction.

So if you’ve already caught the eye of the buyer, you need to educate them, right?

Another study made it clear that, according to the experts, this process is also facilitated by interactivity.

The survey shows that 93% of respondents believe that interactive materials make it easier to maintain and educate leads.

The most interesting thing is that not only the customer receives information, but also your company.

Interactive one-way content can provide valuable data to optimize your approach.

Do you want an example? Imagine adding an interactive quiz on the topic to make your landing page more attractive.

In addition to the engagement it engenders with visitors who will try to test their knowledge, You have access to the answers.

In this way, by observing errors and successes, it can be more precisely defined in which phase of the funnel they are and what type of material can be advantageous for their training.

Quiz to understand the stage of the buyer's journey

There is also the possibility to create interactive content a differential for your brand.

As you know, the experience of companies, especially in the digital environment, is one of the points that consumers consider to be most important in their buying decisions.

So if you produce a material that encourages interaction and improves the user experience, you can use it to your advantage and generate greater authority for the brand.

According to the CMI study mentioned in this article, 88% of experts agree Producing this type of content creates a competitive advantage.

What is the importance of backlinks in an SEO strategy?

Now that you know exactly what interactive content is and how it can be relevant to your marketing strategy, you can enlarge the topic and focus on the importance of backlinks.

The first step is to understand the concept of backlinks and their role in a good SEO strategy.

We are dealing with links that are strategically placed in a post to direct the reader to another page. The intent is to offer the person more information to generate high quality traffic to the website.

This strategy can link articles within the blog itself to increase visitor time.

However, The magic is getting external linksThis will cause other sites to direct their visitors to your content.

It works as a kind of relevance thermometer and creates authority for your domain. As you know, the higher the authority, the better your position in the SERPs.

It should be noted that the Google algorithm leaves no room for practices that are considered inappropriate.

There is no point in getting a large number of backlinks if they are not obtained organically.

Likewise, they must be contextual and relevant and come from websites that have something to do with your content.

If you run a travel agency and your website is mentioned on a blog that is a reference to this topic, the benefits can be summarized on two fronts.

First, you get a much more relevant number of hits. Second, your website will be better placed on the results pages.

How do I get backlinks from the production of interactive content?

As you have already seen, the best way to get backlinks is by making materials that attract the attention of other content producers.

In this way, they can display your blog or website to their consumers and thus generate reach and authority for you.

The question is that this will not be done magically or by pure good. It is necessary to create value.

If your interactive content is neither authentic nor enriches the reader’s experience, no one has motives to quote it.

So act strategically and create elements that captivate the audience and facilitate their diffusion.

Below we show you some things you can explore.

Keep going!


Creating interactive tools like calculators is one of the most efficient ways to get backlinks on a larger scale.

That’s because it’s precise and straightforward, They simplify the training of the reader.

In this way, various situations can result in a content producer creating a backlink that leads to an interactive calculator.

Do you want an example? Cengage has created a calculator in which students enter which course they will take at the university and which classes they will attend.

The result shows you how much you can save on books with Cengage Unlimited materials.

“alt =” “/>

Another interactive platform that had great success was Adobe Color In this way, the user can create a personalized color palette, as shown in the following illustration.

Adobe color

Quizzes and games

Throughout the text, we’ve mentioned that interactive quizzes are incredibly useful tools to improve the user experience while gaining important insights about it.

Apart from that, these questionnaires can also take on more playful aspects like the famous BuzzFeed quiz.

Buzzfeed quiz

If the questionnaire is sufficiently appealing, you can be sure that backlinks will be generated on other pages. To reach another level, you can bet on games.

Creating interactive games does require Much more time and investment, gamification elements can bring incredible results.

It is the case of a UK application JustPark, is aimed at drivers to find vacancies faster.

The company has created an interactive game that calculates the age of the user based on their response time.

justpark interactive game

The site has more than 2,000 backlinks Ahref’s tool.



The use of infographics is already an established practice in the world of content marketing.

However, if you don’t adapt it to the new trends, it may become less interesting for users.

On the other hand, you add interactive elements makes it much more attractive.

There are many ways to make an infographic interactive. You can insert questions into the entire content, display information based on the clicks of the visitor and let the reader navigate freely through data.

The most important thing is to use creativity without putting aside its primarily informative character.

An interesting example is tidethe British digital bank focused on companies. The company created an infographic that unraveled the academic life of women who started successful businesses.

You can navigate the page through various options and filter the type of information you want to receive.

Tide interactive infographic


Maps are content that is generally difficult to navigate unless they have interactive elements that enable actions such as zooming and rotating.

You can use it to generate engaging and authentic user experiences, regardless of the topic covered.

Travel Supermarket, a website that specializes in the purchase of airline tickets, has one Interactive map extracted from data from Google. The idea is to show the most researched goal in each of the countries.

interactive map of the travel supermarket

Another example comes from GoCompare, that works, among other things, when comparing fees from energy supply agencies.

The company created a map listing the main sources of the different types of energy that we consume.

“alt =” “/>

Investing in interactive content for backlinks is a practice that can lead to good results for your digital marketing.

Not only can you involve your customers and improve their experience, they can also increase the reach of your website and increase your digital authority, which leads to a much more positive ranking.

As you can see, interactivity is a tendency that can improve your strategy on several fronts.

When you think about implementing it in your company, Download our free interactive content guide and see how you can take your strategy to the next level!

Guide to interactive content

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