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I have many, many, many, many random conversations with Bubba and maybe I have noticed more things since I started reading and learning more about ASD and we got his autism diagnosis, but a lot is being said about explaining these days – He does it to everyone he talks to, and I have to explain everything, absolutely everything I say to an unprecedented degree! Take the other morning.

We were on a walk and I made the mistake of alerting a bird to Squeak. It couldn’t have interested him any less since he was too busy yelling at a cow in a field several miles away, but Bubba was there …

Me: “Look at the squeaking birds”

Bubba: “What do you mean?”

M: “What?”

B: “What do you mean?”

M: “About what?”

B: “What do you mean by” look at this bird “

M: “Because I saw one and thought your brother might like it.”

B: “Where is it?”

M: “On this tree”

B: “Which tree?”

M: “I don’t know, we have now passed it.”

B: “But which one? Was it on a branch? Was it sitting on a branch? “

M: “Yes, I think so”

B: “Which one? Was it up on the tree or was it low down? I bet it was on a rock, was it on a rock? It was on a rock, wasn’t it? Was it a pigeon?

This happens for everything and usually ends with me moaning and walking on, while he confirms to himself that I’ve just seen a giant bald eagle sitting on a rock.

I have now decided that I will not point anything out when Bubba is with us. I’m staying calm, it’s just not worth the twenty-minute questioning. If I could communicate with Squeak through Makaton, I would, but since he only knows the signs for “friends”, “stop” and “no”, it would be a very limited conversation!

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