Pearl accessories – 7 chic and trendy pearl pieces that we love Fashion

Pearl accessories can remind you of visions of Lucille Ball, Charlotte York or maybe your dear Grandma Mary. Pearls, like so many other fashion trends, have adopted many personalities over the years – from sloppy to classy to ultra-trendy.

I mean, when Harry Styles wears an accessory, you know it takes a moment. This is the new era of pearls. They are hot. And these are definitely not your grandmother’s pearls.

We will measure ourselves against you: you will not get pearls that can be passed on for generations at a great price. But artificial pearls have come a long way – they give you the look you want without breaking the bank. Here are seven pearl accessories that give this classic gem a modern twist.

7 wonderful pearl accessories

1. Perfect pearls

If someone were to combine three of our favorite things – cats, earrings and pearls – it would of course be Betsey Johnson. We rave about these cute words Pearl cat rivets!

With a pearl head, golden ears and a tie, as well as an aqua body, these couldn’t be further from the classic pearl earrings that your mother put on in your childhood. Can you really afford not to add them to your collection at a price below $ 20? We give them two paws!

2. Librarian Chic

There is a reason why librarians wear their glasses on a necklace (or at least in our heads and in the cinema). It actually works to ensure that these glasses are not misplaced. Even if we’re just sitting in bed and pissed off Netflix for being reminded that we won’t be moving in three hours, we still manage to misplace our phones.

These Pearl necklace iPhone case lanyard is an ingenious and chic solution. You don’t have to look in the freezer the next time your phone rings, and you don’t know where it might be. Not that we are ever done that.

3. See stars

These Pearl handbag by Halogen will definitely be the star of your outfit no matter what you wear! Whether you combine it with the perfect LBD next time you have one Date nightor put it on with a t-shirt and jeans, it will definitely trigger a conversation or two. And the next time someone says something that makes you hold onto your pearls, at least you don’t have to go far!

4. A head above the rest

Headbands are perfect for quarantine life, right? They camouflage unpainted hair and are especially useful for growing out the bangs you cut for yourself during the Great Lockdown. Maybe that’s why they are suddenly trendy.

These velvet black and white pearl headband is the perfect accessory to combine both trends in a way that feels fresh, but could somehow always have been something you owned. If you still spend most of your time at home, don’t worry! Put it on for your next wine zoom session with your friends and you’ll be the smartest on the call, even if you’re still wearing yesterday’s sweatpants.

5. Jump through tires

It is difficult for us to resist a good hoop ring when we saw it Pearl tiresOur hearts skip a beat. For less than $ 10, they are not likely to fool anyone you know into believing they are heirloom quality, but they are fun, cute, and combine two classic looks in an unexpected way. The size of the artificial pearls gives them a playfulness so that we can take them out on your super casual days. Put on a comfortable shirt and shorts or a loose-fitting maxi and you have the perfect look!

6. Put your best foot forward

It is hard to imagine that you will not feel footless and free in these cases Pearl and crystal keds from Kate Spade. Beads, crystals, and keds in the same set sound like a bad joke setup, but we’ll tell you it works! And why can’t you be so chic while you still feel good?

This line was developed for brides and future brides. However, we believe that these shoes are perfect whether you walk down the aisle or in a circle around the block so as not to go crazy.

7. A chain to rule them all

Black pearls and pearls go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re great on their own, but in together this long strand chain You create a look that is stylish, sexy and refined without feeling like you need a Country Club membership to wear it.

It is great Statement chain that you can rock with anything in your wardrobe. We’d love to see it dressed for a more casual look, paired with a simple knit or cotton summer dress as the only jewelry and great black sunglasses.

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