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CEO Kenneth Braswell is accompanied by local faith leaders from Atlanta (black and white) to conduct a transparent and courageous open conversation

ATLANTA (May 27, 2020)– –May is the month of awareness of mental health and another reminder for African Americans. Your mental health is under constant threat. The horrific incident of Ahmaud Arbery and now George Floyd in Minneapolis, followed by other hashtags and racist crimes against black people with accompanying trauma, which was caused by viral videos in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, has been negatively impacted The mental health of many people has created new barriers for people who already suffer from mental illness. On Friday May 29thth at 8 pm Kenneth Braswell, CEO of Fathers registered will be host “Race and the Voice of Faith” , the 2nd Facebook live series about races in the past few weeks (the first was Fatherhood & Racism) who brought black and white men together on behalf of “fatherhood” to have open and honest discussions about the race in America. This is an open forum and the public is invited to participate

Braswell is accompanied by Bishop Darren A. Ferguson (Bethel Baptist Church, NJ), Pastor Don McLaughlin (North Atlanta Church), Pastor Roy T. Barrett (Discover Life Church, Atlanta) and Darrin Gray (Athletes in Action Sports Department, FL).

Following Freddie Gray’s indictments in Baltimore in 2016, Braswell wrote two children’s books that help parents, educators, and librarians around the world explain in “Daddy Can I Cry?” Easy ways to talk about race, justice, and with children Privileges to speak. and “Daddy, there is noise outside”. Braswell explains: “Unfortunately, in recent years it has been obvious that we still have a lot to do to cure racist problems in our society. As a father, I believe it is important to talk to other fathers about sensitive issues such as race and to explore ways we can heal together in our communities. There is a simple solution, transparent and authentic conversation.

Kenneth Braswell is available for interviews on the subject and has recently published a COV19-19 co-release Resource Guide Offer tips and strategies to parents during a crisis.


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