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Organization of the new school year - declarations of intent with free expression.

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Organization of the new school year - declaration of intent with {free} editable download.

Welcome back to Organizing The New School Year! So far we’ve talked about reviewing your previous year and choosing the curriculum. Now it’s time to let our schools know that our children have the opportunity to study in a fun and exciting place – at home.

Declarations of intent can be difficult as the rules change from state to state. I strongly encourage you to join HSLDA to keep you informed of any changes in your state. But at least please check their website to see what’s yours State laws are for homeschoolers.

Here in Kentucky, all we have to do is send a letter of intent to the county and school your child would attend. They don’t have to go into everything you will do. They are intended to serve as an indication of your intention to raise your own child.

Here are some best practice ideas for your intentions:

  • Send a copy to the school your child would attend and a copy to the school board.
  • Use one letter per child that you teach at home. If you attended the same school, you could use the same envelope, but one letter per child is best for your (and your) records.
  • Always send certified and require a signature! You never know if you need to show that you have sent your letters of intent.
  • Send your letters 10-15 days before the first day of school (start of public schools).
  • Keep a copy of the letter with your certified signatures. I have a file dedicated to these letters only.

Below is an editable download of the letter of intent that I use personally. Feel free to use this for yourself, but PLEASE make sure you check yours state laws for homeschoolers before you use it. Know Your Laws!

Organization of the new school year - declaration of intent with {free} editable download.

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