How to balance business and family Christianity

How to balance your small business and family time

Organize your device time.

What do you spend most of your time doing? The main question you need to ask yourself is: Do I use screens to improve my life? Is my screen time goal-oriented? Or am I mainly on them and let my time, my spouse, my children or my dreams be stolen? Do I use my devices to stand out from reality? Ask yourself the honest question: is the time I’m spending on my device reasonable or too much? I would say most of us can say that we could do other things in life with this time. If you want to limit your time, set up and check the screen time on your iPhone.

Use your devices to achieve your goals. Screens and devices are not enemies! How we use them against ourselves is. Screens cannot harm you either. You decide how you want to spend your time on your devices. Challenge yourself by limiting the frequency of email, text, and social media polling. Think about whether these are possible time slots in your daily schedule. For example, plan to check emails twice a day and texts three times a day. Or maybe all of your social media at the same time. Maybe once at 9 a.m. and once at 4 p.m.

Set your working hours and schedule.

Think outside the box when you set your schedule! DO NOT do it like everyone else. Rebuild your business, your family! Isn’t that the reason to have your own company to be your own boss? Many of us start with good intentions. We will have this business so that we can earn our own hours, be available to our families, and make money. If we don’t tell our store that these are our opening times, we can quickly break away from ourselves.

It is important to have a schedule, especially if you are working from home. You need to know how to turn off work, otherwise your relationships will suffer. And don’t kid yourself when you’re in the middle of family time and get a call that the kids notice. You understand, but at some point you can believe that work is more important to you than you. When my husband and I started one of our small businesses years ago, we took calls from the west coast at 11pm. We were afraid not to do it! We hesitated to lose a customer! Until I had the idea of ​​setting up regular working hours and teaching our customers our new working hours.

(I got some pressure from my very hardworking husband.) We have maintained these hours since then. The quality of our lives increased, the stress decreased and the business is still in operation two decades later.

How your children’s work benefits from home

We went through the same thing in our salon when I suggested I stop working on Saturdays. Our sons were young and everything happened on weekends like baseball games, birthday parties and school picnics. It is unusual in our industry not to work on a Saturday! We lost a few customers, but most were able to enter on another day, and we were always blessed with many customers, all through word of mouth. We never advertised. Not once. By setting our hours on our terms, we had more energy and when we work, we give our customers everything we have and they refer their friends. We have built our business hours around our family. What we won was freedom and years of precious moments as a family. We were better, or it and our sons definitely were.

Know when it stops working! Whether it’s that the business has grown or your family’s schedule has changed, it’s time to change it. Being an entrepreneur means that life is fluid and rarely stays the same! If it’s broken, fix it! If you lose a wheel from the car, do not try to continue. Soon the other wheels fall off and the entire car breaks down. For my husband and me, since we are both business partners and spouses, our relationship had to be cultivated regularly. When we broke, nothing worked – the kids, the business, the home.

When you work with your spouse, don’t make the mistake of putting everything in front of each other! Nobody primarily benefits the children. So make time for each other. Everyone recommends appointments. We had regular dates. It always worked better for our schedules. Find out what works for you and be ready to make adjustments in the many seasons.

Adaptability makes life more comfortable and frankly more interesting.

Strong work ethic!

Having a small business can be very beneficial for children! Our two sons have a solid work ethic. They got involved over the years when we were exhausted and exhausted in the salon, and both helped us by sweeping us or bringing us something to eat. I think it was so good for them to see what we did and how hard we worked.



When a child sees how hard his parents work, it makes a different impression than not seeing. When you work from home, a child learns how to get involved and help. If this is not a given, it is a good time to teach him how to help.

Supervision by adults

Working from home meant that we were always at home! We could see that they were doing their homework, which ultimately resulted in them having great learning habits. Your friends were hanging out here, they were always welcome and they had fun! There was still adult supervision, and everyone knew it. Nevertheless, they kept popping up. After school, adolescents can face major difficulties before parents come home from work. It has been happening since the beginning of time. When working from home, adult accountability is always present. Since two parents worked at home between us, we can form a team between work and our children. This is not just from a disciplinary perspective! The teenage years can be brutal, and your child knows they have you there when they need you most.

** Well, of course you can become great kids if you don’t work at home !! In this way, I have seen my own children work from home.

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