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There are many great books to come out in June, and as usual, the AAR team picked the ones we’re most looking forward to. As always, we have a fairly varied list, so hopefully there is something for everyone! And don’t forget to drop by to see what you’re most looking forward to in the next few weeks.

Conventionally yours by Annabeth Albert (June 2)

Honestly, I’m in the phase where I’m going to pick up everything Annabeth Albert writes without reading the blurb! I know two things about it: 1) It is set on a gaming convention. 2) I will read it as soon as possible! – Caz

Nerd romances are my catnip and that sounds like fun! – Lisa

I am in the same boat as Caz, I see the name of the author and I want the story LOL – Maria Rose

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The last train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton (June 16)

Cleeton has 100% DIKs at AAR – four of them! – for romances as well as for historical fictions that typically explore the Cuban diaspora. This takes place in Florida in 1935 and follows two women striking a devastating hurricane. – Caroline

I love Cleeton’s work and I’m looking forward to her next novel! – Lisa

Cleeton’s newest novel takes place between the two world wars and looks absolutely fantastic! I like her focus on Cuban-American history, a piece of the past that we almost don’t hear enough about these days. – Shannon

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Dragon unleashed by Grace Draven (June 9)

Dravens Phoenix Unbound is one of my favorite books and was immediately recognized as a DIK when it came out. Since then I’ve been looking forward to the next book in the fantasy world that Draven built, full of dragons, witches and adventures. This is probably the highlight of my month! – Alexandra

Draven has a great track record in fantasy romance and I loved the first part of this series very much. – Caroline

I don’t hear too many readers raving about the size of Grace Draven’s writing, even though she is one of my favorite authors for fantasy romance. Dragon Unleashed is the second installment of their Fallen Empire series, and I can’t wait to set foot in this world again. – Shannon

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Always the last one who knows by Kristan Higgins (June 9)

Kristan Higgins does such a good job writing family dynamics. I really loved her last couple of books for that very reason, and this seems to be another good one with a lot of heartache and sweet moments. – Alexandra

in the Always the last one who knowsKristan Higgins, author of the powerhouse, deals intensively with the secrets of a marriage. It is a book that arrives in the best way. I was lucky enough to review it for AAr and a book you should all fall in love with. – Shannon

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About a villain by Caroline Linden (June 30)

I’m a big fan of Caroline Linden and I’m looking forward to her new series. – Caz

Linden never disappoints and it sounds like joy – Lisa

I have read some historical novels by Caroline Linden and they have always been very entertaining, so I look forward to reading them. – Maria Rose

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Dance away with me by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (June 9)

As Lisa says, SEP doesn’t always work, but when she works, she is gold. – Caroline

My relationship with SEP’s books is all over the map, but I’ll always give her a chance – Lisa

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Commitment and espionage by Penny Reid (June 16)

It was a struggle for me to say goodbye to the Winston family when Reid finished her series last fall. Cletus has always been one of my favorite characters in the series, with all of his hijinks, when he tries to manage everyone in his life. I am very happy to see more of him! – Alexandra

Cletus and Jenn from Reid’s Winston Brothers series (Book 3, Beard Science) get their own sequel to a series of cozy secrets! – Charlotte

Cozy Secrets Plus Penny Reid ?! Sign me up! – Lisa

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Two villains make right by Cat Sebastian (June 23)

The previous books in the “Seducing the Sedwick” series pointed to a connection between middle brother Will and Martin Easterbrook, who seemed like a villain in the previous books – and is something like catnip, so I was instant on alert! I read this (and checked it out – look at this area!) And loved it. It’s an adorable sweet story that made me laugh, make me cry, and gave me just the right feelings. Plus – THIS BEAUTIFUL COVER! – Caz

Sebastian never fails and I’m excited to see what she does with her latest Sedgwick book! – Lisa

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The devil of the city center by Joanna Shupe (June 30)

Shupes Uptown girls Series has been delightful so far. In this case, a social activist meets a gangster! – Lisa

The Broadway Prince was one of my top ten readings from 2019 and I’m really looking forward to continuing the series! – Maria Rose

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Alpha night by Nalini Singh (June 9)

I loved Silver silence, the last book she posted against the backdrop of Russian changeling packs, and I’m looking forward to following this book up. You really can’t go wrong with Nalini Singh. – Alexandra

I mean, either you buy every Nalini Singh automatically Psy-changeling Book or not. If you don’t, miss it. – Caroline

I am so glad that Nalini Singh made this spin-off series of the Psy-changeling Books because it gave me a great start to the new series without going through such a daunting backlist (although I am going through the previous books one by one). Still, Silver silence got me hooked on their worldbuilding and Alpha night looks just as exciting! – Maria Rose

Nalini Singhs Psy / Changeling Books are some of the best paranormal romances out there. Whenever I start one, I know I’ll be waiting for a real treat. So it should come as no surprise to hear that I am looking forward to it Alpha night. I don’t know any of the main characters, but that’s okay. I am sure I will love her as much as her previous couples, and for me that is the sign of a great writer. – Shannon

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Jo & Laurie by Margaret Stohl and Melissa de la Cruz (June 2)

A YA repeat by Jo March and Laurie Little woman. Will the authors swap the end of this classic? – Caroline

I’ve read almost every revision of Little woman This has been released in recent years, from a werewolf AU to an erotic re-training. Will read this for sure! – Lisa

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We are also looking forward to …


Marry his runaway heiress by Therese Beharrie (June 1)

A journalist travels to Italy to interview a tycoon who surprises her with a marriage proposal. Beharrie has had several strong reviews in a row here and I haven’t tried them yet. So this seems like a good time to start.

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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (June 30)

Gothic / suspense novel in Mexican high society in the 1950s. I love something that sounds like nothing I’ve read before!

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Head over heels by Hannah Orenstein (June 23)

A book that seems to take at least a hint of its inspiration from the real revelations about abuse in US gymnastics and calls itself Rom-Com has to be written incredibly skillfully to work – I hope it’s good made and well received as a joyful romance and thoughtful, considerate examination of the real events. We will see.

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The crushing depths by Dani Pettrey (June 30th)

North Carolina and the U.S. Coast Guard. I don’t need much more. Add the investigators’ growing appeal and whisper of old curses to a suspected murder of an oil rig. Just how I like it!

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line for line by Jennifer Delamere (June 30)

I can’t wait to see this new Inspy historian from Delamere, one of my favorite authors. Alice is an experienced telegraph operator in a coveted position. Douglas plans to marry in society. Your paths are set – just not together. But that’s a romance. Fortunately everything is waiting … I hope!

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Take a hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert (June 23)

Talia Hibbert has quickly become one of my favorite authors. After a doctoral student was rescued from a firefighting exercise by a university fireman, his “romance” went viral. He asks her to follow the trick to help his children’s soccer charity. One problem with that – Dani Brown has given up love.

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Group of two by Jasmine Guillory (June 23)

Guillorys Wedding date The series continues and this is the story of Max and Olivia!

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Daring and the Duke by Sarah Maclean (June 30)

Macleans Bareknuckle bastards The series continues quickly, and a hero searches for his lost love – who has changed completely over time.

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Blaze by Chelle Bliss (June 2)

A respectable, straightforward bookworm and an indecent, tattooed “bad boy” enter into a platonic agreement that tests their mutual desires. The book description doesn’t reveal much, but this line sold me: “… will he peel back her pages and expose the wildcat hidden underneath?” Sounds fascinating and super hot!

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A duke, the lady and a baby by Vanessa Riley (June 30)

A widowed West Indian heiress is hired to be her own son’s nanny after she was wrongly detained. She and her son’s guardian, a wounded military hero, develop a romantic relationship. An interracial historical romance, A duke, the lady and a baby, the book one in Vanessa Rileys Villains and remarkable women Series. Stay tuned for my review!

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Maria Rose:

The boyfriend project by Farrah Rochon (June 9)

The plot of this new romantic comedy by Farrah Rochon about three women discovering that they were fished by the same man and swear to put themselves in the first place for a while (of course, just to meet their perfect partners) sounds real funny!

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40 love by Olivia Dade (June 18)

A romantic romance! That’s all I needed to know, but throw in Olivia Dade and her adorable, funny, romantic comedy voice and it’s a game that suits me!

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A bad lick from the drummer by Ainslie Paton (June 18)

This looks like a fun, sexy rock star romance with a second chance theme by Ainslie Paton. It has a writing style that really works for me.

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Anger and ruin by Jennifer L. Armentrout (June 9)

I loved in 2019 Storm and angerI am very happy that the sequel will come out. Jennifer L. Armentrout has the gift of creating immersive worlds that I can hardly get out of when I reach the end of the book, and I particularly enjoy her attitude to gargoyles.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of available titles, just a selection made by AAR reviewers based on their personal taste. Buy links are provided if they are available at the time of writing.

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