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What you should know when changing the Internet provider

The internet service for private households is a competitive business. Internet technology is evolving and new players are coming onto the market. Therefore, the best deal you could find five years ago may not be right for you today. In addition, many Internet providers offer limited-time, reduced prices, which can lead to a significant increase in your bill after the campaign period expires. It is worth checking your options regularly to see if it is time to change your ISP. We help you evaluate your requirements for an Internet package and explain how you change the Internet provider.

Determine your internet requirements

The first step in determining your internet needs is to choose which types of internet best meet those needs. Although it is always fun to have more speed, it is Speeds you need largely depends on how you use the Internet:

  • Casual surfing and social media: Casual internet surfing and social media do not require much speed. Anything up to 25Mbps should do the trick, as the top of the range occasionally gives you some leeway to stream a movie.
  • HD video streaming: Technically, you need about 5 Mbit / s for HD streaming and 25 Mbit / s for 4K streaming via Netflix and about twice as much for YouTube. In reality, however, these services tend to buffer (preload) videos at much higher speeds. If you can, choose a connection with at least 50 to 100 Mbit / s.
  • Play online: Playing only requires speeds of 3 to 6 Mbps depending on the game specifications, but delay can be an issue. For smooth gameplay, online gamers should connect at 50 to 100 Mbps or more.
  • Houses with just a few devices: The recommendations above apply to one or two devices connected at the same time. If you have a small household, follow the suggestions above.
  • Houses with many connected devices: If you have a smart home connected to the Internet or your family has many devices, you should connect faster. For example, the HD streaming speeds described above per device. When your family is watching different movies in different parts of the house, each connection takes a lot of speed. Choose a connection with at least 150 to 200 Mbit / s.

As expected, different types of Internet meet different requirements:

  • Glass fiber: Fiber optic internet transmits data via light signals along fibers that are bundled in cables. Offering speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit / s (1 Gbit / s) for downloading and uploading, it is a popular choice for users with smart homes and for those who want to make their Internet connection future-proof. However, it will not be available in many markets from early 2020.
  • Electric wire: Cable internet connects to the same network as cable television with space on certain channels. The average cable download speeds are up to 200 Mbit / sMany companies now offer speeds of 1,000 Mbit / s. However, unlike fiber, upload speeds are slower than download speeds because vendors prioritize the activities we most frequently do online. Cable Internet is widespread in the United States, except in very rural areas.
  • DSL: Abbreviation for Digital Subscriber Line, DSL internet Uses the extra bandwidth of your traditional home phone line. It doesn’t take over the entire line, but the quality of service depends on how far you are from the next access point. Download speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s are available in some areas, but speeds below 10 Mbit / s are more typical, especially in rural areas. DSL can be a very inexpensive choice, especially if you already have a landline phone at home.
  • Satellite: If you live in a very remote area, satellite internet may be your only option. There are only two satellite Internet providers in the United States: HughesNet and Viasat. The speeds are limited (approx. 25 Mbit / s with HughesNet and 30 Mbit / s with Viasat) and the service is relatively expensive.

What can be expected when changing the Internet provider?

Changing the internet provider is not always easy. You may have to pay a contract overbought fee, but some vendors do Pay off your old contract when you switch to their service. Your current provider may suddenly offer you a better offer when you call to cancel the service. Your preferred internet provider may not offer a service near you, or you may lose bundling discounts if you don’t change your TV and phone services as well.

How to change the Internet provider step by step

Fortunately, it is possible to switch internet providers by doing step by step:

Step 1: Look for new providers

The first step is to find out which ISPs offer services in your area. You can use this Postcode search tool to narrow your search to providers in your neighborhood. Check out available plans to determine which ones might suit your needs and budget. You may be wondering: “Can I change the Internet provider during the contract?” If you are concerned about this, look for a new provider to buy your existing contract.

Step 2: Call your current internet provider for information about offers

Before you register with a new provider, call your existing Internet provider. Companies prefer not to lose customers, so they may offer you a good deal to stay. If your current service is acceptable, it’s worth comparing the offer with those of other providers to see if it makes sense to stay with your existing ISP.

Step 3: overlap your services

If you’re wondering how to switch Internet providers without losing the Internet, the solution is to overlap your services. Do not turn off your current service until your new service is installed and working properly. You’ll end up paying for both services for a few days, but it can be worth it to avoid losing your internet.

Step 4: choose your installation

Depending on the type of Internet service you choose and whether you already have lines in your house, you may be able to install your new Internet yourself or require professional installation. Your sales representative should be able to help you decide which type of installation is right for you.

Step 5: test your new connection

When a professional installer comes to your home, they will make sure the connection is working properly. If you are installing your own devices, take the time to visit some websites and possibly stream a TV show to make sure there are no connection problems.

Step 6: return your old equipment

If your new connection is working properly, cancel your previous service and return all devices owned by this provider as soon as possible to avoid fees.

frequently asked Questions

Should I change the internet provider?

Only you can decide whether the change of the internet provider is right for you. As technology evolves rapidly and new companies keep coming to the market, it only makes sense to review your options every year or two to see if there is a better choice. You should also consider switching if you need faster speeds or feel like you’re paying for internet speeds you don’t need.

Can I switch between Internet providers during the contract?

You can change the ISP at any time during the contract, but a contract cancellation fee may apply. If you are concerned about this, choose a new provider who is ready to repay your old contract. If you don’t find anyone to buy your contract, it can still be worth switching if you save money in the long run.

How can I change the internet provider without losing the internet?

The best way to switch internet providers without losing the internet is to overlap your services by a few days. Although you have to pay for these days, you can start using your new service before your previous service is disconnected.

What kind of internet should I choose?

The type of internet you need to choose depends on your budget, geographic location, and your internet needs. Fiber and cable internet are the fastest and cables are widely available. DSL and satellite may be the only options in rural areas. DSL is generally inexpensive, but the further you are from an access point, the signal will deteriorate. Satellite is reliable, but expensive. Take all factors into account when making your decision.

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