The reality of Christ and His Kingdom should grow in your heart during this current pandemic Christianity

A crisis as such that we are currently in can make a bitter or better, more carnal or consecrated, more earthly, more worldly and temporally minded or more heavenly and eternal spirit.

Question: Are you closer to Jesus now than before this pandemic? Is it more real to you? Is the reality of his empire more important to you now?

Personally, I love watching sports, but I can honestly tell you that I haven’t missed it during this favorite sports season, when usually exciting playoff rounds and a new baseball season begin. The Lord is doing a deep work in many hearts during this pandemic. The reality of the invisible kingdom of Christ comes to the fore in the hearts and lives of many believers.

This is a huge difference between the early church and today’s church.

Around this time, Herod the King reached out to harass some from the church. Then he killed James, John’s brother, with the sword. And because he saw that the Jews liked it, he went on to take hold of Peter too ”(Acts 12: 1-3).

“And when Herod wanted to bring him out, Peter slept that night …” (verse 6).

Question: Could you sleep the night before your execution? Peter did it. Some might say that it was the gift of faith in the operation, but I also believe that Jesus was so real to Peter that he didn’t care if he died and went to be with him. He missed his master.

The appearances of Jesus after his resurrection from his disciples let them know that he was alive and was no longer hindered by time and space when he went back and forth from heaven and earth and then back to heaven.

“When he spoke these things while they were watching, he was picked up and a cloud received him from their eyes. 10 And while they were looking steadfastly at the sky as he went up, behold, there were two men in white clothes standing next to them, 11 who also said: “Men of Galilee, why are you looking at the sky? The same Jesus that you took to heaven will come in the same way that you saw him go to heaven ”(Acts 1: 9-11).

john loud milk | Jesus in Heaven Acrylic Print by ...This is the same reality that we as believers need to get to Jesus. When Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples experienced the power of an endless and indestructible life. It has changed them forever to fully persecute Christ and His Kingdom and to no longer be tied to this world and all of its temptations, entanglements and temptations. This is the same path of transformation we have to be on.

Jesus as God the Son had no beginning and no end, just like eternity. Hungry and thirsty believers can access eternity and begin the veil through Christ who preceded us (Heb 6: 19-20). How exciting!

The first Adam closed the door to Eden, but Jesus opened it again when the veil was torn in two.

“Now it is time[wasaboutsixthhouranduptotheninthhourdarknessalloverEarth45DannwardieSonne[Darkenedandtheveilofthetempletwopartsweretorn”(Luke23:44-45)[wasaboutthesixthhourandtherewasdarknessoveralltheearthuntiltheninthhour45Thenthesunwas[darkenedandtheveilofthetemplewastornintwo”(Luke23:44-45)[warungefährindersechstenStundeundbiszurneuntenStundeherrschteDunkelheitaufderganzenErde45DannwardieSonne[verdunkeltundderSchleierdesTempelswurdeinzweiTeilezerrissen“(Lukas23:44-45)[wasaboutthesixthhourandtherewasdarknessoveralltheearthuntiltheninthhour45 Thenthesunwas[darkenedandtheveilofthetemplewastornintwo”(Luke23:44-45)

It is astonishing that the repentant thief went to paradise with Jesus. Jesus opened the way to a new garden of Eden.

The appearances of Jesus after the resurrection revealed a secret to his disciples, not only that Jesus was no longer dead, but that he was now alive with access to journeys between heaven and earth without any time or space restrictions. Jesus gave us a glimpse into the eternal future of the saints who will live and travel in both areas.

To a certain extent, we can learn to live in both the natural and the spiritual world now because we are sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

So there is no need to fear this pandemic or any other crisis that will occur in the past few days, and there will be a lot more, as Jesus told us. Instead, let’s focus on the transformation that God wants us to do to learn to live in two worlds – both in the natural and the spiritual world. This is the privilege of those believers who are hungry and long to follow the pattern of Jesus, the Son of God, who lived in both worlds, even on his earthly path.

Program notes Heaven and Earth | Cappella Romana

Jesus has learned to walk with His Father in the NOW and we must learn to do the same – gain access to the kingdom of eternity and not be limited by time and space. Jesus is in the NOW. He is the great I AM and always speaks to us from the eternal NOW. We must not banish Him to the future, and we must not limit Him to what He was for His disciples in His earthly ministry. We are now in a different time in the last hours of the past few days. Many spectacular manifestations are imminent for us – divine appearances, angel visits, people who are supernaturally translated from one geographical location to another, such as Philip the Evangelist (Acts 8), great signs, miracles and miracles are imminent.

Let us not concentrate too much on the recent crisis, epidemics, pandemics, pestilence, etc. Jesus said these things would come. Instead, let us keep eternity in our hearts and know that God is above time and space and wants to speak and communicate with us from the eternal now. We can experience this kind of intimacy with Him all the time as we learn to cultivate the new Garden of Eden in our hearts – morning and morning of it.

That is what it means to live our lives in Christ, where we sit in heavenly places.

May God give understanding to the reader.

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