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  • If you recently bought a new lawn mower or bike, you may want to check if it is covered by your insurance. Especially when you consider that one of them is the most frequently stolen object from the garden.

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    New MoneySuperMarket research has shown that the average British garden contains valuable items worth £ 1,457. However, only 41 percent of the homeowners surveyed listed their outdoor items in their home insurance.

    Despite housing some of the most expensive household appliances like bicycles and home improvement tools. Many Britons leave their garden open by either leaving their shed unlocked or not insuring them.

    Most often stolen item from the garden

    most stolen item in the garden 1

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    Unfortunately, this false sense of security can be dangerous. On average, 29 percent of households stole items from outside. However, only a fifth of those stolen items had not insured the items, so they stayed out of their pockets.

    The most frequently stolen object from the garden was bicycles. This was followed by lawnmowers with a 32 percent share of theft and garden tools with a 19 percent share.

    Although bicycles are the most frequently stolen property, only 20 percent of the British have taken their bicycles into their home insurance. A faux pas considering that a high quality adult bike can cost over £ 100.

    most often stolen item from the garden 3

    Credit: Polly Eltes

    “During these months there is a temptation to leave valuables outside overnight or to leave your shed unlocked,” said Kate Devine, head of home insurance at MoneySuperMarket.

    “However, this can put you at risk of burglary and possibly void your home insurance coverage if you have to file a claim.”

    “Most standard content insurance plans have little coverage for garden items, but details can vary. So it is always worth checking whether your valuable outdoor items are completely covered, ”she explains.

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    If you want to take care of your things in the garden, you must first check whether they are insured in your home insurance.

    Second, you need to make sure that all of the valuable items you insure are enclosed in a shed or annex. If this is not the case and something happens to you, your cover may be invalid.

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    Do you know how much of your garden is covered by your insurance policy?

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