Stay-at-home chronicles: appearing for the needy Christian Dating

Chronicle 1

How are you all?

I am thankful for life, God’s protection and care
Above all, we can ask or introduce ourselves in our whole life.

Things got very serious very quickly, didn’t they?

I tried to avoid information related to this invisible disease. Unfortunately, I am again drawn into reading and watching updates from our officials. After that, I have fluctuating feelings, beliefs and prayers every time. When this happens, I know it’s time to feed my soul.

One evening I turned to one of my favorite sermon channels and a guest minister was there. He shared the effects of COVID-19 and that there are people who are at home without work or food. This caused my eyebrows to rise because I didn’t know there were people at home who couldn’t get money without food. When the guest pastor made this statement, I was shocked; I was immediately ready to pray for God to care for these people. Then the innkeeper interjected from nowhere: “This is where the sowing of a seed comes into play.

What!? Now I’m angry and irritated because this man heard what I heard: there are people who are at home without work, income or food. Why is he asking her to sow a seed ?!

This pushed me beyond the point of irritation; I had to write about it for this month’s post. I am so tired of people throwing God into their hectic pace. Yes, I called it hectic because this man wants money and manipulates the Bible to get what he wants, money!

There are people in serious need, but the host took their need to his own advantage and used the Bible to advance his agenda. If this “sowing a seed for a blessing from God” had really worked the way this man would have said, he would have told everyone of us who saw his show to call so that he could sow a seed to each of us so that God can let go of his blessing for his ministry. So no! No one can buy blessings from God for a man who needs money for his “service from donors so that he can continue to share the gospel.”

God sent his only son to earth to die for our sins. Salvation and life forever is free! Blessings are free! These are just a few things that our service package called our offers us heritagethat is activated as soon as we include Christ in our lives. Once again, salvation is FREE for us because of Jesus paid the price with his life!

Call me and I will answer you and show you big and powerful things that you do not know. Jeremiah 33: 3

This is the Lord who speaks in the verse; No price is tied and no third party is included in our promise to us. Each of us has direct access to God because of Jesus. When we communicate with him, he interacts with us. There is no amount of money that we can give a person to get what God has in stock for us.

When I was writing this post, it was a big concern for me to search online and get help in my state, surrounding states, and the state my son lives in for those who need access to them in this difficult time. Please, reader, if you know of additional resources in which you live, please feel free to drop them in the comments section.

DC resources: click here
Eat: click here
Unemployment: click here
Test sites: click here

Maryland resources: click here
Eat: click here
Unemployment: click here
Test sites: click Here

Virginia resources: click here
Eat: click here
Unemployment: click here
Test sites: click here

New Jersey resources: click here
Eat: click here
Unemployment: click here
Test sites: click here

Until we meet again next month (God willing), I want to leave you with that prayer 🙏🏼 and song 🎼

“” The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord makes his face shine on you and be gracious to you; The Lord turns his face to you and give you peace. “” Numbers 6: 24-26

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