Recently quoted in the CBA National Magazine: “The Pandemic and the Long-Term Impact on Immigration” Canada Immigration

Panellist Will Tao, a lawyer at Edelmann & Co.’s law firms in Vancouver, fears that international graduates or students will have the greatest difficulty in campaigning for themselves and will be unable to access the services offered because of their immigration status .

“I have heard personally from many research assistants who had jobs and scholarships in the summer and who simply canceled them because there are some stigmas we can help in times of crisis,” says Tao.

Some students rely on overseas bank transfers, Tao says. They may have been cut off or may no longer receive support from their families during their studies. You are now faced with the challenge of extending your permits.

“Many of these problems are becoming more pronounced over time, and these are almost not necessarily travel ban issues,” said Tao. “But these are things the consequences of which we will see in the coming months and years.”

You can read the rest of the piece: Here.

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