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Pulsar products masksEric Ludwig is a member of the Cleveland Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), which he joined in 2003. He is also the founder and partner of Pulsar Eco products. He recently shared with us how the COVID-19 pandemic enabled him to put his EO learning into practice. He is one of many EO members who have done great things in these unprecedented times. Coronavirus has given many entrepreneurs the unlikely opportunity to accept and truly live their company’s core values.

The connection to EO members from different countries has always been one of my favorite advantages EO membership.

In January 2020, when the COVID-19 crisis hit China, I was planning a two-week spring vacation in Europe with my 14-year-old daughter.

Through the EO network, I connected with the EO members Lara Zimmerman (Netherlands), David Bijiker (Amsterdam) and Krzysztof Zdanowski (Poland) to orchestrate a unique travel route.

Not only was it an educational and entertaining trip, it also included meals with local EO families en route with children of the same age.

Then COVID-19 seized. Talking to local people in Asia, India and Europe not only made me rethink the trip but also rethink my business.

For the past 20 years my company has Pulsar Eco products created consumer goods for retailers such as Wal-Mart, Meijer, Hobby Lobby and cruise companies such as Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. Cruise ships were struggling, and it seemed unlikely that the Alaska 2020 cruise season – for which we wanted to begin production – would take place at all.

Live learning

Pulsar Eco Products masksConverting, converting, converting was a topic I learned at the EO Global Leadership Conference – and now it was time to put those words into practice.

Our factory partners in China had machines installed to make masks for the local domestic market, and we quickly deployed our team to put our strengths, expertise and network into practice.

I am proud to share that we already have distributed over 14 million KN95 and civilian masks to key partners such as the Mayo Clinic, State Relief Teams and Fortune 500 companies.

Embrace our core values

Core value No. 1: WeNotME. The Pulsar team supplied and donated over $ 70,000 in PSA masks to nursing homes, MEDWISH, children’s hospitals, cancer centers, police stations, and local government agencies.

Core value No. 2: creative thinkers, all jobs, all roles. Although PSA masks may not seem creative, we have put our creative stamp on them by adding funny prints, marks and sayings to an otherwise common surgical mask.

In the coming months, we will be supplying masks to restaurants, mini-marts and retail stores. It is exciting to see us grow, but what I’m most happy about is the fact that we never had to lay off employees or take leave.

A common goal

MyEO gave me the platform to expand my EO connections to people around the world with shared interests, networks and skills. Friends in Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Holland, the Philippines and Egypt gave me both the confidence and the international perspective to pan so quickly.

Our next goal is to move some products back to the United States for certain items. Millions of people have claimed unemployment and if we could affect only a few people it would be incredible.

While working on the MyEO Global Committee, I made friends with EO Detroit member Vlad Gendelman ( And through
In this regard, I was able to work with a domestic paper converter to create our folders for the 2020 school start season. 500,000 folders are now produced in Michigan.

Thank you, EO, for providing me with the tools network and community or business leaders around the world.

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