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Hi! And welcome to the last week of our book club in May!

If you just tune in, we have read a book called “Read” Free country which was recommended by one of my neighbors. We read days 15 through 19 last week and we’re all here today to chat about it by email.

Day 15:

Favorite behavior: The girls in the Korner kitchen just outside of Paisley. “We watched them turn bacon and fried eggs and pour tea with real love and enthusiasm for their job.

Favorite route: The Clyde and Loch Lomond Cycleway. It is an almost completely traffic-free 20-mile route that takes you from Glasgow to Loch Lomond along former railroads and canal walks. Sounds incredible!

(The Clyde and Loch Lomond Cycleway)

Favorite funny: There were some sections that deviated from slightly dilapidated housing developments, but there was never any danger. Ben had a slight confrontation with a fly that flew into his mouth, but they managed to solve that among themselves.


Day 16-

Favorite picture:Shortly after Bridge of Orchy we passed Loch Tulla – a mirror-smooth lake, surrounded by wind-burned heather and an accumulation of old pine trees.

Favorite Food: Banoffee pie. “It was mentioned in the route book that the Bridge of Orchy Hotel served a ‘great banoffee cake’ that we imagined as we drove past. By the way, a very good friend of mine claims that his grandmother invented the banoffee pie. I do not believe him. “

(Source & recipe)


Day 17 –

Favorite Food:It was a great meal, steak pie with delicious pieces of beef, thick sauce, a light puff pastry lid and chunky fries. But the highlight for me was the vegetables. Carrots and peas have never tasted so good.

Favorite monster: Ness and Lizzie.

(Loch Ness)


Day 18-

Favorite night: Kingspark Llama Farm – Bed & Breakfast. Who else wants to meet Brian and Mary? 😀

Favorite tour: Glenmorangie Distillery


Entertaining fact: in 2017, the Renovo bike brand teamed up with the people of Glenmorangie to develop the limited bike shown in the photo above. It was built from retired whiskey barrels and you can find the full article here: Renovo + Glenmorangie

Favorite lock Ben & George couldn’t see anything from the street: Dunrobin Castle

(Dunrobin Castle)


Day 19:

Favorite review:At every stage of our journey we were overwhelmed by the generosity and friendliness of the people we met. Completely strangers went out of their way to offer us food, accommodation, clothing, bicycles, directions, beer or conversations.

Favorite perspective:It’s so easy to disappear into a distant country instead of exploring all the beauty right on your doorstep. “… ”It’s amazing what adventures you can experience when you step outside your front door. Get out of there. See for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I promise“.

What fun to read! I liked the humor, the sense of adventure and learning that there are so many easy going, approachable and generous people in the world. And because it contained so many details, I felt like I was right there with George and Ben. I want to do almost something similar on our neck around the world. Nearly. 😉

If you have time for comments, I would also like to hear your last thoughts on the book as a whole!


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