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Since the start of Shovel itAlmost 10 years ago, more and more content was published online, a variety of formats and distribution media have seen the day, others have disappeared. Phenomena like the emergence of fake news have changed the way we stay informed. Curating relevant, high-quality content, supplemented by expert knowledge, has never been so important.

Another thing is certain that the share of smartphones for everyday online use is increasing. As a content curation solution it is Shovel itResponsibility for ensuring that users can exchange content as smoothly as possible. We offer that with the Shovel it Application that provides agile and effective content curation while using your phone.

Regardless of whether you use IOS or Android, we would like to invite you to rediscover this Shovel it Application. Our applications have been updated to be compatible with all smartphones on the market and navigation has been made easier.

Save time by curating content from your smartphone every day, selecting and sharing the best content.

Go to Android Play Store or the Apple App Store to the Shovel it App and share the content that is important to you with those that are important to you.


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