Anathoth Farm Packaging Rebranding by Unified Brands Packaging Design

It’s been a long weekend and we want to start the week with something fresh, sweet and natural. That’s why we can’t think of a better brand than Anathoth! This brand produces great jams and delights that make us drool a little. We love Anathoth for being simple and beautiful, as well as their products.

The story started in 1987 and its mission has remained the same to make delicious jams and chutneys that people love. But we also welcome companies that are ready to go one step further and refresh their image and brand, and that’s exactly what they did with the hand of Unified Brands. We are happy to announce a very successful rebranding case to all of you. By understanding the brand and the things that were valuable, Unified Brands managed to update their visual identity without detaching from the essence of Anathoth and the long way they have walked so far. With simple but decisive changes in typography, layout and illustration it was achieved that this brand feels the same, but very modern and relevant.

Anathoth Farm Packaging Rebranding by Uniform brands

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