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Domestic violence against men

Domestic violence against men is a growing epidemic, and many men don’t even realize they have a controlling and abusive woman until it’s too late. There is absolutely no reason why a man must remain in a relationship with a woman who is paranoid, controlling and dominant. Men don’t do anyone a favor, least of all their children, by staying with an abusive woman.

Here are the top ten signs that your wife is abusive:

Control behavior

Control abusive women. It will control who you meet, where you go, where you work, what you do with your paycheck, what you wear, and how often you speak to family or friends. According to, the perpetrator will try to control you using body language. It can refuse to speak to you, ignore you or sulk until it finds its way. She is also a master at managing conversations.

Extreme jealousy

Most abusive women are jealous. There are two parts to being jealous. She can be jealous of you as a person or jealous if she is not the center of attention. A spouse who is insecure in a relationship is different from a spouse who is jealous every time you speak to a complete stranger. The later example would be a sign of an unhealthy relationship.


Abusive women want you all to yourself. You don’t want to spend time with Platonic co-workers, family members or friends. You would prefer to be unhappy alone. She doesn’t want you to hang out with other people for fear they might see the abuse.

Accused everyone else

She accuses others. She takes no responsibility for her actions and blames everyone for everything that goes wrong. It will always find a way to blame you. If you’ve never heard your wife apologize for anything, you may be in an abusive relationship.

Verbal abuse

If you feel like walking on eggshells, this is probably a sign of verbal abuse. Your wife is abusive when she screams, screams, or emotionally freaks out about small things. It can threaten you and will always reject your feelings.

Gas light

Gaslighting is “manipulative behavior that makes people believe that their reactions are so far from the base that they are crazy,” according to The Current Conscience. The perpetrator tells the victim that he or she is crazy or “it’s all in your head.” The victim begins to question reality.

Inappropriate expectations

Your wife has unreasonable expectations. If you make a mistake, you feel that there is nothing you can do to make it up to you. It will not forgive you for your actions, no matter how small the mistake.

Causes fear

Does your wife put you in situations where you fear for your life? If she tries to intimidate you, frighten you, control you and manipulate you until you are afraid of her actions, you are in an abusive relationship.

Can’t handle criticism

It cannot deal with criticism. You can’t even do constructive criticism without backfire. She perceives everything as negative criticism and is very offended. But she is more than capable of criticizing, usually in a rude manner. If you tell her that she is rude, she will say that you are too sensitive.


If your wife is violent, you are in an abusive relationship. If she beats, beats, and beats you, these are obvious signs that the relationship isn’t healthy. She can also try to kick animals, punch holes in the wall, or throw things at you if she doesn’t assert herself.

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