Beyond the picket fence: Sunday verses UpCycling

God is always good

Have a beautiful Sunday! Do you raise your hand when you love a good planner and make plans? The past few months have certainly taught us that plans don’t always work when we design them. During all of these (and other difficult times) I’ve often heard, “It’s all part of God’s plan.” I understand that this statement should bring comfort, but it is not correct. God’s plans are NEVER for evil or pain or illness or to hurt us. God doesn’t plan pandemics, he doesn’t hurt us, he doesn’t take people away, he doesn’t bankrupt us. God is virtuous His plans are just. He can use our pain and pain to make us better and stronger, but they are never part of his intentions. And THis verse reminds us that not only is the Lord good, but that He is good and compassionate towards all of us – Amen!

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