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The recent report The April labor force statistics show that the unemployment rate in Canada rose by 5.2 percent – a whopping 13 percent overall. This is the second highest rate in history.

Canada’s economic future remains uncertain, but what we can deduce from the devastating blows to the workforce is that the labor market will be very different after COVID. As the unemployment rate increases from month to month, nobody’s job is completely safe. Regardless of whether you are employed or unemployed, you should always be prepared. If you’re wondering what steps to take, here are five things to consider:

Always keep your resume up to date

One thing everyone should do now is to update their resumes. Even if you are currently busy, keeping an updated CV is a smart move. You can create a professional version with resources like Rezi Résumé Software: Pro for $ 29 (originally $ 540).

This software uses A.I. Technology to optimize your CV with keywords from job descriptions. Even if you are happy with the job you have now, a Rezi resume is handy if you choose to do a side job.

Keep your options open for work from home

The outbreak of the corona virus accelerates the transition from the traditional office to a WFH (Work from Home) culture. This change can be long-term, as many companies keep a large part of their workforce away (at least for the time being). In addition, some discover the benefits associated with the transition to remote work. For example, working from home can save employers money for office space. It has been shown that this increases productivity and shortens the time employees spend commuting.

Find your perfect WFH job with a one-year FlexJobs subscription for $ 24.95 (originally $ 49.95). With FlexJobs you have access to 30,000 hand-screened remote, freelance, part-time and flexible jobs in over 50 career categories. Each job is reviewed and summarized by trained researchers to make it easier, faster, and safer to find a job that best fits your life. The switch to teleworking is just around the corner. So get a head start with FlexJobs.

Brush up on these skills

There is a lot of competition on the job market today. And with unemployment affecting millions of Canadians, employers are looking for applicants with the right training. You can immediately stand out from the other candidates by sharpening skills such as Excel, project management and presentation skills.

Excel has been around for decades and it remains a necessary skill in the workplace. It is the backbone of any successful decision, as the software merges numbers in a way that is easy to understand through VBA coding and graphics. With some training, you can also learn how to aggregate data. Try out the full Microsoft Excel Expert Bundle 2020 for $ 29.99 (originally $ 275) and learn the basics of this leading program. This package includes courses on using the VBA editor, advanced methods to automate lengthy Excel jobs, and more to be better decision-makers.

Successful teleworking also requires a different management approach than many companies are used to. The Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite gives you a deep understanding of the best project management methods. This five-course package costs $ 39 and teaches you project management like the pros do. Experience exam preparation lessons on concepts such as agile project management and other well-known management styles so that you are ready to validate your skills and impress recruiters.

Last but not least, the ability to present yourself well affects virtually every aspect of your career. Trying to climb the career ladder, improve workplace relationships, and communicate your ideas can make you fail. The best practices for presentations are all covered in the full 2020 presentation and lecture course. This course is taught by Chris Haroun, an award-winning professor at a business school, venture capitalist, MBA from Columbia University and a former Goldman, Sachs employee. It shows you how to win over your audience, the right structure for a presentation or speech and much more. Originally $ 200, this deal is now $ 12.99. With this course even the quietest and shyest person can learn to present confidently.

When you speak of trust, you trust that with these resources you will recover from this dilapidated economy. It is the perfect time to invest in yourself, as personal growth usually arises when we are hit hardest.

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