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POEA jobs in Canada with no experience, direct hiring jobs in Canada – The way to receive employment in Canada about the direct hiring process in 2020? It’s so easy and it’s easier to get approved than to get it employment within the USA and other wealthy countries. The steps, procedures and requirements are discussed Meanwhile So keep reading this page … Work and move to Canada in 2020!

Canada was one under The easiest Countries where Filipinos would like Looking for greener pastures and citizens of Canada also love Filipinos. Many find it easier to urge Get work visas in Canada as one from other countries just like that USA, Australia, Great Britain, Japan and other rich countries.

Why is that? Simply because there are no TNTs in Canada(tago-ng-tago in Pinoy slang). Canada is a well-disciplined country. It loves its migrant workers as much as its citizens.

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Direct placement of jobs in Canada 2020

Common Filipinos jobs in Canada include:

  • Nursing – Filipino nurses are everywhere in Canada. If you are an RN you will definitely get a job here
  • Caregiver jobs – Many Filipinos also find caregiver jobs by hiring them directly, as long as they hold the TESDA certificate
  • Hotel and restaurant jobs – such as cleaning staff, bartenders, waiters or waitresses, fast food crew, restaurant managers, cashiers and the like.
  • Teaching
  • construction
  • engineering
  • Accounting – CPAs, auditors
  • Information technology
  • Architecture

How do I get a job in Canada easily and successfully?

One of the best tips to get Filipinos a job in Canada by hiring them directly is to choose the jobs that are classified among the skilled and low-skilled jobs. Why? Because these jobs are usually hired and have the most vacancies. Canada hires foreign workers precisely when they cannot find any citizens in Canada who could fill these positions.

If you’ve heard of it LMO (Labor Market Opinion) now, LMIA, – This is one of the prerequisites before an employer can employ foreign workers there. No wonder that many professional workers in the Philippines, such as doctors and others, quit their jobs here and apply for jobs related to their careers and experience.

In any case, higher salaries and allowances await anyone who will work abroad like Canada. There are also professional positions where jobs like CPA, teachers, etc. are hired in Canada, although the majority of Filipinos apply for qualified and Canadian jobs at LMIA.

TO UPDATE: LMO is now referred to as LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced a major change in their country in June 2014 Temporary program for foreign workers. Read the article below and then come back here.

It is also very helpful if you have passed them IELTS (International test system for the English language) to have an advantage with Canada Express Entry Program.

You can read the following article about LMIA.

Online employer

The first thing you would do is find an employer in Canada. Some employers publish their vacancies online. Remember to only apply for trustworthy job websites like the following listed below. Note that these websites are approved and recommended by the Canadian Immigration Service.


Employer representatives in the Philippines for direct rentals

If you have a friend or relative in Canada you can refer them to employers if you are qualified for the position they have hired. The more you find employers, the greater the chance of being hired.

You can also apply to some people who make direct hires in the Philippines. These people usually plan some guidance about their job openings in Canada. These agents are associated with Canadian employers who hire SAWs directly. They take the same steps as local agencies with their applicants.

The good thing about them is that the number of applicants doesn’t compete much with that of other agencies. They also assist you in processing your application documents at the Canadian Embassy.

Processing of LMIA and work permits in Canada

Once you’ve found an employer, this is a good thing for you as they process the LMIA and some of the documents required for your employment in Canada. When your papers are ready, you can apply for your work visa at Canadian Embassy in Manila (currently at RCBC Plaza, Makati) See the requirements for applying for a work visa in Canada for Filipinos. You may also need yours Static information about SSS employees as proof of your visa admission.

Visa application to the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines

The good thing about applying for a visa and work permit in Canada is that you may not need a personal interview at the embassy if your documents are complete and consistent. Your visa will be sent to you as soon as possible. You can apply online or through the call center.

Make sure that you have personally prepared all of your papers and documents for the full requirements before processing them for the online application or call center. You may need to attend an interview if the consul contacted you about an interview. If not, you’re in luck. The address of the Canadian embassy is listed below.

Level 6-8, tower 2
RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1200

POEA registration as a name hire

After you have approved your visa, you must register with the POEA for Name Hire / Direct Hire be an official SAW. You will have PDOS (Orientation seminar before departure) and also process your OWWA, SSS, Pagibig and Philhealth papers. Once you’re done, you’ll get yours Stop sharing that you use when you leave the Philippines and fly to Canada when you leave the airport.

Note that POEA Name Hire has a direct attitude Limit policy of 10 for every employer.

Are you ready to apply after knowing the tips and procedures for hiring directly in Canada? Gather your courage and make your dreams come true. Find an employer now and have this passport issued with a visa 🙂

Let’s hear your thoughts Post your messages in the comment box below. God bless!

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