Level-up summer learning for students and teachers with practical STEM activities and resources for professional development from Siemens STEM Day STEM

As summer approaches, many families are looking for additional virtual resources to support further summer learning. Likewise, many educators face the need to adapt their summer career development plans to more virtual experiences. Siemens STEM Day, developed in collaboration with the Siemens Foundation, can help with both!

An extensive library of standard-oriented activities

If you’re looking for hands-on STEM activities for students in K-12 in science, technology, engineering, math, healthcare, energy, or IT, this is it Siemens STEM Day activity database has covered you with more than 160 STEM activities. The database is organized by category, career path and class level and offers teachers, leaders of summer camps, parents and even schoolchildren easy access to find entertaining activities to take away. Search results can also be sorted by level of difficulty, which is the most downloaded and the most recent, as the library is constantly updated. Each downloadable activity includes complete instructions, a list of materials, goals, and connections to enhance the learning experience.

Students can also explore a number of Career profile videos to learn more about the fast growing STEM career. In each video, Siemens employees give a first-hand overview of the skills, interests and ambitions that have led them to the careers they enjoy today!

STEM teaching aids for everyone

The Siemens STEM Day is aimed specifically at trainers of all kinds who are looking for a boost for their STEM lessons five minutes of refreshment Support in the implementation of practical activities. The downloadable presentations provide a complete overview of the key findings associated with each activity, and offer educators a new perspective to involve students.

The Train the Trainer Toolkit empowers trainers to support others in their efforts to implement the activities. The toolkit underlines the fact that educators, parents, and post-school educators don’t need to be STEM experts to inspire students. The video and training guide will help executives understand how easy it is to use the Siemens STEM Day resources in communities across the country. Find ideas for organizing multiple activities in a row, best practices for inserting real connections with activity concepts, and general guidelines to guide children through a learning experience in this comprehensive toolkit!

Navigating the new normal of distance learning does not mean that students or teachers have to forego opportunities to participate in meaningful STEM activities or training. The virtual teaching and learning resources available through Discovery Education Experience and programs such as Siemens STEM Day provide easily accessible resources that allow students and teachers to remotely advance! Find out more at the Siemens STEM Day Channel in Discovery Education experience.

Learn more about Discovery Education’s corporate and community partnerships and COVID-19 resources for students, educators, and families? and the Discovery Education Experience corporate education partnerships channel. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Discovery Education provides schools and school systems that are not currently using the company’s digital services with free access to the Discovery Education Experience. Schools accepting this offer will have access to Discovery Education’s dynamic K-12 learning platform and ready-to-use digital lesson plans, activities, and standards-based resources throughout the remainder of the school year. Discovery Education also offers a number of free resources for parents and caregivers Daily DE that can be used at home. For more information, see Discovery Education Virtual learning resource center is committed to helping educators adapt their teaching to today’s needs.

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