Let in and let go to experience “fullness” – SoulFullHeart Experience Inspirational

by Kalayna Solais

Let what IS, the dreams that come true, the love that flows now and feel grateful for it; Desire to feel what might be, but perhaps not yet in your life, without clinging to or holding onto anything; Letting go of what doesn’t resonate to make room for what works without compromise, even if there are practical and well-founded decisions …

Dancing with abundance is so multi-layered that the process of feeling the reactions and reactions of your parts to it is in itself abundant! It is an admission of dreams and desires while you feel what needs to become clear in you and in your life to make room for this to be realized. It is also a process of feeling yourself and your life where you are and who you are NOW … yourself and everything you deserve, worked hard, manifested and with a lot of gratitude positively pulled into your life see, although there are ongoing and sometimes growing needs and dreams that need to be fulfilled.

When I feel my life the way it is now, I feel the fullness that I have drawn, but what becomes challenging is the feeling of the parts of me and the Metasoul aspects that are still a bit restless. If I take a closer look at it, I can see us all standing on the bridge between “abundance” and “scarcity”, where we feel that we have mostly been hanging around for a few years. We are now crossing the bridge in abundance more than ever, but the lack of awareness appears in these parts and aspects from time to time.

Old fears, old pain, old ways of seeing and being in the world reappear to be felt. I can now feel if it is something “old” and I feel no judgment about it, just curiosity about who is in me, who still carries this energy, and how I can help them to live more in the present. I have found that my parts are more integrated these days and when they are not integrated they do not always hurt. You just need a check-in like a dear friend who may be disturbed by something or just want to exchange some love with them. However, all of this must be felt and recognized for it to continue to heal. And while it continues to heal, it creates space for the experiences that we all want and that are really new and really plentiful.

“Abundance” is less and less about material wealth or money, although sometimes this is also the case for me. In these changing times, “money” as we know it may be in its final deathblows. This leaves us all in need of feeling what is under our attachment to it and how we can receive / use it “wisely” or “responsibly”. However, you could say this about everything you get, right? Love is seen as another important currency that 3D teaches us to “spend wisely / responsibly” when it dictates how we “get and keep love” and how it tells us what we do and what we don’t deserve Relationships of any kind or even within ourselves.

Now when I see the “fullness” in my life, I see the love that I have in myself and that I exchange with others. I see that for many years it has been such a deep process for me to feel where love flows in me and where not, and that then informs me about the flow of love that I can experience / let in to the outside world. Abundance really begins inside, just like everything you want to include in your life … and as always, it’s about having / receiving what is now available to us, even when there is real pain, that you can experience or have more.

For one thing, I would like to experience the fullness of the Holy Union and everything that flows in every area of ​​my life when I am in one. At the moment, however, I am invited to feel the robust and steadily growing INNER Sacred Union, the dance that I have in me between my own inner male and female. It is another river that has to start from the inside … and eventually be drawn from the outside.

Whatever your current “currency” in your life, now in your living circumstances as they are, spend / receive / let go / let go with love everything that is now and everything that will be while you process your own in everything Continue “Abundance”. really and deeply means for you … ❤


Kalayna Solais is a love ambassador, SoulFullHeart mediator and employee, soul writer and poet. visit Learn more about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, communities, etc.

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