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Well, this seems like a week of tips and tricks here on TDC, so let’s keep going! If you missed the other posts this week, you can see here how to make a window super cheap private and how to cover a ceiling fan with a lampshade here.

I shared this refluffing tip on mine Instagram Stories the other day and had so many people to answer, I thought I should share it here! It is a fairly simple solution.

I got these stools for our family room last year and we LOVE them:

How to whirl up a sad, flat ottoman

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We keep them under the coffee table and I was very happy with them. But like everything that is filled with foam, they lose their fullness over time. The foam is crushed so that a full ottoman or stool begins to shrink.

I like mine as fluffy as possible, so I wanted to fill it up again! Our stools have a nice cover with a zip at the bottom. There is an insert with the foam that I had to open:

Seam separator for opening seams

A Seam ripper is super helpful for this part! Opening it is quick work.

Foam pellets for filling ottoman or beanbag

We used a cup and slowly shoveled it into the insert. This stuff will go anywhere if you’re not careful.

However, these larger foam pellets were fairly easy to work with:

How to fill up ottoman with foam pellets

As soon as I had it as full as possible, I sewed the inserts by hand. That’s it!

Just look at the difference!

how to refluff ottomans or stools

So much better! These decorative stools are usually not cheap – inflating them extends their lifespan considerably.

It took me about an hour to refill it. Now they look like we got them !:

Stool under living room coffee table

This correction works with any ottoman, pillow or stool that is filled with foam pellets. And of course bean bags! I will probably have to do it again in a few years, but as you can see we have a lot. 😉

Do you have a sad, flat ottoman that needs some down?

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