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Dragonfly Farm & Kindergarten Tour + Backyard Deck Plans

Hey sweet foxes !! It’s been far too long since I’ve done Happenings At The Hollow – it’s an occasional post that I occasionally make to meet you when I have something I want to share, but it’s not necessarily one large project or a room revelation. Today I want to share with you a recent kindergarten outing and some backyard plans! My last “Happenings” post was in spring 2019 before my knee replacement. So both are a lot … and a lot nothing happens. lol.

Without boring details, my operation was not very successful and nobody can tell me why. I mainly focused on maintaining my home and mood and continuing to work. That’s about all I can do now. I was able to have a bone scan done on Friday, March 13th (I’m not kidding you) before everything was shut down, and I hope that I can continue my search for answers and get well soon if things get better to open. and settle down. Now for the funny things !!

Visit Dragonfly Farm & Nursery Online [click here]

The week before Mother’s Day, I happened to be online looking for a lilac to order the delivery and mentioned it to my niece. Shortly afterwards she texted me about a local kindergarten and let me know that they had lilac in stock! On Saturday before Mother’s Day, Jim and I went to Dragonfly Farm & Nursery for the first time.

Understandably based on the current guidelines (but without our knowledge) They limited the number of people who were allowed to be on the site at the same time by allowing you to shop at the side of the road by appointment or pickup. As you can imagine, the day before Mother’s Day was all full. But the cute little girl who helped us was so accommodating and offered to bring us some lilacs. While we waited, we met the local children’s dogs and threw their ball for them, which was a fun way to pass a few minutes. Although I really wanted to look through the area and take in everything … I could see color and happiness wherever I looked! As luck would have it, I was happy to buy two Miss Kim Lilacs, and we made an appointment for the following week.


When our appointment came, we were not disappointed! It is a wonderful, spacious kindergarten, and we have always found beautiful treasures in every corner. The dogs greeted us as we got out of our car, prancing around and letting the ball be thrown many times during our shopping spree. Run away to greet other buyers and then come back. They are the best behaved dogs. Such darlings.

My niece and her husband made an appointment at the same time and could be with us outdoors and also go shopping in the children’s room, which was a lot of fun! We gave them the last 15 gallons of lilac in stock to replace one that had a little mishap during an overly excited flower cluster. But that’s a story for someone else … well, never. I am committed to confidentiality.

I saw a feast for the eyes wherever I looked. They had so many flowering plants that I would have liked to have packed them, but had no safe place for them. Her hanging baskets, like the deep purple petunia number above, were breathtaking! I wish I had taken more pictures of the strains … but wow, they all burst at the seams.

It took a lot of self-control not to expand my hydrangea treasure because they had some beautiful plants! But when I was seven on the sundeck, I had to stay for lack of space.

It was predicted that the Saturday we had our appointment would absolutely pour out, but instead we have this …

A bright blue sky and a wonderful breeze. We were so incredibly grateful for the nice weather and just being on the road a bit.

I wanted to get this gorgeous pink rhododendron and the sky, so I took two pictures. It’s a magical time in Oregon when the Rhodes bloom!

We brought home a new London Bloodgood Plane Tree and some smaller annuals and perennials. I bought a couple of rock roses in a delicate white. A lively Lupine and something I forget at the moment?

If they had more lilac we would have bought a few, but I was really glad we could get this! I will still try to get something for us this season if it works.

These are the two cute babies at Dragonfly Farm & Nursery. I accidentally cut poor sweet Bella. I tried to be present, not to take too many photos and not to dawdle and take the cashier’s time as we also checked out. The boy with the ball (I miss his name) was so smart! They were really a highlight of the day.

Our Rhodes bloom here too, so I took them in quickly. I’m not sure what name the lively magenta is, but the one below is called cherry cheesecake! We have a deeper purple up front and a pale pink below in The Little Cottage! I will try to share these before they are ready for spring.

While waiting for our appointment, I did some research and found that Deer Viburnum, AKA’s Japanese snowball bushes, didn’t like it. So I paid for the one they had available by phone and picked them up on our second trip. I was going to order 3 more during our visit, but they were busy, so I decided to do it earlier in the week. I had the perfect place for her and was so thrilled with the idea of ​​creating a natural screen that hides our carport (it’s between the store and The Little Cottage).

I was literally on the phone and ordered three more, and the woman who helped me needed the sku from the 3-gallon pot, so I went outside to get it here and was greeted by a viburnum stick plant. Remember this was a 4 foot tall, lush, very full viburnum in a 3 gallon pot. So these plans went. lol

The two lower decks seem to have seen their last summer last year. They mostly look fine when I share them, but they drop a little on the sides and sink. After a few discussions, Jimmy took a portion and noticed that the beams / supports underneath were rotting and the whole thing was ready to be replaced. So our plan is to test and replace them. I will share more of this adventure and some new building ideas over time. We also have plans for the area behind the decks to improve weed control and care. It’s always in the works, isn’t it?

I can’t wait to share the trip with you! xo Shan

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