Brand of the day: Rio Jade by Lone Star Packaging Design

Texas’ Lone Star Beer, which dates from 1884, has published its first seasonal offer: Rio Jade.

The classic Mexican-style warehouse is inspired by the state’s various country and waterways and offers sweet notes of corn flakes mixed with spicy, floral citrus.

The cans stand out from the characteristic look of Lone Star. Turquoise complements the brand’s uniting gold tones and a new, handwritten aesthetic, including the Lone Star logo. Artist and Burnt nopal Creative director Cruz Ortiz designed the packaging and you can see elements of his characteristic style throughout the work. In 2019, Ortiz and his wife Olivia Flores founded Ortiz Burnt Nopal in response to companies and nonprofits looking for a thoughtful design that is influenced by contemporary art.

The beer will be available until the end of summer. To find a can near you, click Here.

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