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How the Best Product Development Studio at ROVER Packhopper worked

For this project, the ROVER Packhopper was designed by our team in the best product development studio in Austin, Texas, who worked on the mechanical concept of the ROVER Packhopper. Our design director Tim Uys helped create the internal and external 2D and 3D CAD files and schematics for the design. After checking the design concept, the material and product implementation with Eric, Mako Design immediately started outsourcing the right material to make the first prototype for the Packhopper!

After a few prototypes and a final review of the product, Mako Design was able to consider and find the right material, color and measurement changes to find a satisfactory look and design for the project. As the best product development studio we are, we were able to create a fully functional tennis sports device with all its multifunctional functions in a durable and aesthetically pleasing design that is available in different colors!

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