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Anambra includes Covid-19 training in the curriculum : Nigerian Education

The government of the State of Anambra has announced that COVID-19 training will be included in the curriculum as a subject.

State Commissioner for Basic Education, Prof. Kate Azuka Omenugha, announced this to journalists in the Awka Secretariat complex on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

He noted that the initiative aimed to teach elementary and secondary school students the culture and practices of simple personal hygiene and to educate them about preventive measures19.

Omenugha also said the initiative was essential, particularly as the government is stepping up efforts to curb the spread of the deadly corona virus across the state.

The Commissioner also announced that the government would expand and repackage its ongoing on-air learning program to meet the special needs of over 500 hearing-impaired students, and stressed that the government would introduce sign languages ​​and other means for the deaf Students in the program.

“What we are doing now is preparing to welcome the students. The teachers are back and are trying to clean up the schools. Attach informational materials for washing hands and others to the classroom walls.

“We will also domicilate Covid19 education by including it in the school curriculum so that people who write history can talk about the history of fluids around the world. Those in biology can talk about personal hygiene and so on.

“So we’re trying to see what we can include in the curriculum with regard to covid19. We also take the pressure off the classrooms to ensure that there is enough space for the students to maintain physical distance, ”said Omenugha.

She went on to say that the state government was adequately prepared to welcome students back to school, but that the federal government had to obtain instructions on the formal reopening of schools across the country.

“It is not my job to say when the schools will reopen, and His Excellency Governor Willie Obiano has also said the federal government will say when the schools will reopen,” she said.

She also stated that teachers were trained in Covid19 prevention protocols, as well as pedagogy, methodology and other forms of teaching technology, to meet the learning needs of students at this critical time.

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