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Best homeschool planners

Have you selected your homeschool planner for the 2020-2021 school year? It’s planning season and time to find the best homeschool planners!

7 best paper homeschool planners

Some of these planners are printed and sent to you, while others are digital downloads that you can print. Some planners are expensive and have all kinds of pipes and bells. Other planners are free and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Make your choice. These are six of my favorite planners. And in the last 18 years of homeschooling, I’ve tested a few!

1. Homeschool and daily planner

The homeschool and daily planner is the dated planner that I created and used.

There are dated monthly pages and dated weekly pages. Every weekly page distribution is followed immediately by the planning pages for the school that week. Personally, I keep a paper clip to mark my place so I can easily switch between my weekly homeschool plans and my weekly appointments and task lists.

Lined note pages are located throughout the planner. You can use them for brain dumps like I do, monthly to-do lists, books to read, books to read, or just a simple place to make a quick note.

In addition, the homeschool and day planner contains pages for planning your homeschool year! I don’t know anything about you, but I was caught in the library and needed to know what topics a child would cover. When I have my school plans, I saved my bacon more than once!

You can find examples of the Homeschool & Day Planner in my free subscriber resource library!

2. Weekly homeschool planner

The Weekly homeschool planner is not dated. And it is an editable and printable e-book. This means that you can edit the PDF document to include months, topics, lesson plans, and more.

Then print it out for the year and you can either keep it in a 3-ring folder or spiral bind it.

There are many practical sides, e.g. For example, a page where you can track the legal requirements for your state. The weekly pages are in grid form with a journal section that can be placed opposite.

I fall in love with the format. I have the grid to track individual tasks, but the diary to record preschool plans, needed discussions, and points I want to remember.

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3. The well-planned day

The well-planned day Homeschool Planner is spiral bound and designed for 4 children. They used to offer a PDF version that I used years ago, but not anymore.

The well-planned daily homeschool planner contains space for contacts, pages for property management and planning meals, as well as articles, tips and organizational pages that you need for planning your homeschool. It is an all-in-one planner.

The main topics are labeled on the side. The biggest problem for me was the labeled list of topics and, more importantly, that it only contained pages for 4 children when I was teaching 6 children at home.

I preferred to plan for all 6 of my children, not just the 4 oldest or the youngest.

4. The Catholic daily planner

The Catholic daily planner is a nice daily planner. You can only buy the daily planner or add the homeschool planner. It is a simple but effective table.

My problem last year was that I ruined it by planning the year after. I had to see the plans so I knew what we were doing and I loved having the necessary list of scientific articles on hand.

However, after the first quarter, we changed our language art schedules and our schedule. That meant I had to delete the plans. Since I wrote in ink, I tried liquid paper.

Liquid paper leaves a rather bumpy surface on drying and is difficult to write on. So I gradually stopped using the planner lying on my desk.

The best part of the planner was to keep track of all my tasks, meal plans, appointments and school plans in one place. The destruction of the homeschool planning part was unfortunate.

5. A simple plan, homeschool planner

Mardel offers a simple homeschool planner called An easy plan. There are no pipes and bells. Instead, you get a planner who focuses on the school. It is a 12 month planner with space for up to 6 students!

The annual overview pages give you an overview, but the weekly planning pages offer enough space to plan a large family! You have space for reading lists, prayer requests, grading table and attendance display.

If you’re looking for a school-focused planner, An easy plan could be exactly what you are looking for!

6. Home Education Planner

The Home Education Planner is a homeschool planner based in Charlotte Mason. It’s a PDF download that lets you print as many or as few of the 40 different page types you need to plan your school.

You will find monthly planning pages, advent planning pages, book list pages, a list of the monthly required materials, a checklist for nature walks, daily tasks, mother culture, inspirational quotes, pages with morning reviews, subject notes, calendars for 2020 and 2021. and more!

There are even pages where you can set your overall goals and questions to think about when planning your school.

The Home Education Planner is a planner to guide you through setting up a Charlotte Mason homeschool!

7. Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Tina in Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has wonderful paper homeschool planners that you can create. Your seven steps guide you from start to finish through the process of creating personal paper homeschool planners.

There are beautiful covers, different types of prints, and the planner can accommodate up to 6 children. I tried it myself. There is enough space to draw a line, and there is still plenty of space to write notes about what each child has to cover that day.

I have found that I prefer to sacrifice a day planner’s place so I can see all week. That means I don’t have that much space to write detailed lesson plans.

This doesn’t make a big difference for me since my older 4 children work independently on their personal planner. I just have to keep track of their studies and maintain quality control.

Best homeschool planners

I have tested many paper homeschool planners

As you can see, I’ve tried many paper homeschool planners over the years to find one that really fits my homeschooling style, especially as the children have grown older and more independent.

In the end, I keep coming back to my own Homeschool and daily planner. I can not only plan homeschool, but also keep an eye on my whole life!




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