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If you are a collector or are interested in something that is manufactured and mainly sold overseas, you will probably have to pay to import your desired items. This can be a huge cost if you are in collectible statues or Anime charactersFor example, this can be a real obstacle to the desired collection. Costs such as import tax, shipping, and sales tax can be much higher than the cost of the item you’re buying, which can be frustrating.

In order to create the desired selection of items, you need to consider how you can keep your costs as low as possible (unless money doesn’t matter, of course, and if that’s the case, you’re in luck!). We have put together some top tips to save you a fortune on shipping imported goods. Read on to find out what they are …

    Tips to save a fortune when buying imported goods

Buy in bulk

It may seem strange that you save more by buying more money, but think about it – the more you buy and ship at the same time, the less you ship. Every time you import something, you pay certain fees. If you only pay them once, they are likely to be lower overall.

Order items from countries as close as possible

One of the biggest costs of importing can be the price of the physical process that takes them to your country of residence, so buying from a closer location is likely to cost less and less. If you can source your product in a country that is only a few hundred miles away, as opposed to a few thousand, you save transportation costs.

Sell ​​some of what you buy

This is not a special “savings” as such, but it is a great way to offset the effort of importing your goods. If you buy a bit more, you can resell some of the items, making it much cheaper for your bag.

First of all, make sure you get the best price for your item

The last thing you want to do is pay all of these import costs and pay more for the item than you have to! The beauty of the internet means that we can shop at will and find the best deal. Don’t be fooled though – you might see the piece cheaper in one country, but if the shipping cost is double that in another, you may pay a little more for your collectible.

Choose the slowest shipping option, but keep track of your imports

Nothing will make your purchase outrageously more expensive than if it doesn’t arrive and you don’t get your money back – you paid for nothing! Faster shipping methods (such as flying in) are much more expensive than shipping, for example, but there is a much longer time frame and more contact points that make the item more likely to be lost in transit. Track it properly to make sure you don’t end up without it.

Importing products is a great way to get things you can’t buy in your own country, and can also be a way to get them cheaper. Just be wise how to import them!

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