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After careful consideration, 10 more schools received the STEM / STEAM award from the Ohio STEM Committee.

Each year, the Ohio STEM Learning Network works with the Ohio Department of Education to recruit, support, and ultimately evaluate new schools for this achievement. This year’s schools show the full variety of approaches for high-quality STEM training. Elementary and high schools, public and private schools, schools from many different corners of Ohio. All of this is represented in the schools that we recognize today.

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Ohio schools receive the state STEM / STEAM designation

COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 22, 2020) – Ten new schools in Ohio have been awarded the STEM / STEAM school name. The Ohio STEM Committee approved applications for schools that implement best practices in STEM and STEAM education. MINT training includes a culture of research, entrepreneurship, problem solving, problem-based learning and connections to the real world. The STEAM training extends this idea with a focus on the arts.

28 applications from schools across Ohio were considered. The label recognizes a school as an effective place for STEM or STEAM learning. The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), a public-private partnership managed by Battelle, advises the Ohio STEM Committee and supports schools across Ohio.

“Battelle invests in STEM education to give students the opportunity to explore future careers while building critical thinking skills,” said Wes Hall, Battelle’s vice president of education and philanthropy. “Supporting schools in the naming process is one way to increase student success.”

The schools that receive an award today have been recognized for their strong culture of STEM learning, the use of problem-based learning, professional development for teachers and staff, and a solid STEM curriculum.

This year’s naming process started with a series of pre-application meetings organized by the OSLN and the Ohio Department of Education. Both organizations provided additional coaching and feedback to the schools applying for nomination. OSLN and the Ohio Department of Education heard about the application from schools through a series of face-to-face or online visits. Finally, each school application received a recommendation from the network and was submitted to the Ohio STEM Committee for final review. The committee is a body made up of political decision-makers, agency managers and managing directors.

“These schools contextualize classroom learning for their students and provide a clear answer to the question:” When will I ever use this? “Said Heather Sherman, director of OSLN at Battelle.” When the STEM / STEAM training is well completed, students understand the connection between class work and career. “

The committee named ten new schools:

  • Ashland Christian School (private school)
  • Bath Elementary School (Revere Schools)
  • Dorr Elementary School (Springfield Schools)
  • Fairview High School (Fairview Park City Schools)
  • Kindergarten School, West Chester (Private School)
  • McKinley STEM Academy (Steubenville City Schools)
  • McKinley STEMM Academy (Toledo City Schools)
  • Shenandoah Elementary (Noble Local)
  • Shenandoah High School (Noble Local)
  • Paul School-Salem (private school)

The Ohio STEM Committee is supported by the Ohio Department of Education.

Via the Ohio STEM Learning Network

OSLN was founded in 2008 with five schools. With today’s schools, the network grows to a total of 79 STEM schools. The schools are supported by seven regional hubs.

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