The strong belief to see pirated films and media Dubai

I was never too excited to see anything on Netflix until The last DanceMichael Jordan’s 10-part document happened. It was my Game of Thrones.

After the first two episodes, I wanted more. ‘Bitin!‘A few people sent me links to download the remaining 8 episodes so that I could fulfill my wish. But I didn’t do it. First, I won’t be burning late at night to do binge watch. Second, there was a strong belief that it was against mine renewed moral standards.

I’m happy and proud to have completed all 10 episodes according to the planned release of Netflix.

Seeing something pirated is theft. I don’t want to steal. The Lord’s command tells us. And rightly so when I read Exodus 22 yesterday I was reminded of how God has an eye on how we should protect our property and that of others and how something stolen can be restored.

I was there. I was the guy looking for crack codes to make software work. I was the type to download YouTube videos, convert them to MP3s, and sell them. I was someone who didn’t care to look at pirated copies of CDs.

But today, as someone who has been saved from a great mess and restored by God’s grace, there is always a strong conscious conviction to always hold on to what God likes.

Before I do anything consciously, I always ask, “What would Jesus say?” If not me, my wife would remember what the Lord likes and what doesn’t.

Since “awakening” in my life, I haven’t seen any illegal live streams and started paying for media and subscriptions to do so legally.

From the perspective of a content creator

Ang Huling El Bimbo’s recently successful online streaming also faced the same dilemma:

As a blogger, I am often the victim of copying and plagiarism. For years, my content has been passed on countless times without my blog being properly rewarded. Recently, my friends tagged me on Facebook posts from people they knew were original Mine but without credits. Unfortunately, people only added #CTTO (credit to owner) to the posts.

Once a Facebook friend sent me a chat praising how nice my post was. After a few minutes I saw that he published the article with the source credit omitted and replaced it with #CTTO.

Ironically, CTTO does not give recognition or due respect to the original – especially if you know who the owner is.

Another copied the entire message and changed some words so that they sounded like. They don’t just steal the expense. Neither do they respect the valuable thought process that I put into it. It is glorified plagiarism.

My t-shirt designs go through a rigorous creative process – from brainstorming, research, brainstorming, AB testing to design – that takes a lot of time and effort. As an entrepreneur, it’s frustrating that someone is fair copy and claim it yourself And sell.

As a visual designer, it is disappointing to see that my works are used multiple times without my consent.

As a content creator, it is disrespectful and highly unethical to ignore credits and to protect the rights of the original creator against moral standards.

You now understand why I have so much awareness of this issue.

The conviction

Unfortunately, not too many people are as conscious as I am. I know people who would go out of their way to download only full copies of their favorite Korean series, films, or games.

It is easy to ignore these “little” things if we are not directly concerned.

But you know that if you do the right thing, even if no one is looking, you are a moral person. James 4:17 says: “S.o who knows the right thing and does not do it is a sin for him.“”

If you do it subconsciously, I hope this message will keep you well informed. It is not worth satisfying our needs by compromising our moral and spiritual liability.

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