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Your self-survival kit to lock;

As of this writing, we are living in a pandemic. Covid 19 has taken our lives and made meeting people and connections even more difficult.

I train people every day who tell me that they feel depressed, depressed, have no connection and have lost motivation. I totally understand it because we all have good and bad days. The question is how long you will allow yourself to stay in this place. I tell them, “What does it make you to be a victim?” Nothing, they will say: “It is not true, you have to make something of it, otherwise you would have let go of the victim state by now.”

It really confuses them and so I will quickly intervene and explain: “What you get from holding on and staying in the victim’s place is that you are familiar with these feelings. It’s like an old pair of socks, you know where they are, how to put them on! You are also right and right about the situation and we want to be right. If you stay in your comfortable place, you play small, avoid changes and stay away from life, adventure and new relationships. “

Where do you choose? Your victim mode or leaving the comfort zone, challenging yourself, trying new behavior, walking another street. If you choose something other than your old story, you will say yes to change, yes to grow and develop and welcome something new. You do this by saying yes to take new action and doing things for yourself that make you feel positive.

In these very strange times, I took over a bit of a survival kit. It is about doing all the things that you enjoy and that bring you peace and smile every day. When you wake up in a bad mood, you have two options: you can stay in bed and fester or get up, shower and keep moving. Actions will make you free.

I am not a morning person, my children ask, but I am no longer in bed and see what happens, I know what happens, a bad start to the day and not much else.

Instead I jump to three and move !!

I recommended that you divide the day into three or four sectionssFor me I choose three, there is morning, after lunch and the afternoon. Everyone is an activity, and then I feel a sense of achievement, and if one of those sections wasn’t particularly productive, you have two more sections for your day.

For example, you can use the morning for exercise, a long walk and a cup of coffee in the garden. This prepares you for the day and gets you out of the four walls we all need to be creative. The second section is usually on the laptop and is working on my next project, writing or coaching. This is probably the main work area where I can then enjoy a healthy lunch. The afternoon is an opportunity for you to choose your next activity. It can be work, planning, research or something creative. Then before dinner you have another section that I use either for yoga, to call a friend, to create something in the kitchen, or to buy groceries. At the end of the day, you can look back and see what you have achieved.

If you feel particularly depressed or struggling with depression, I recommend more sections of exercise, more time outdoors, cooking, meditation, speaking to people you know well, organizing your closets, listening to music in general to do something for you that gives you a boost. Try it out for a week and see how you’re doing. If you like it, find your own routine that works for you. Remember to take care of yourself, to love yourself because you are worth it.

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Take care of your mental health and stay positive during the corona virus

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