Sarah Hyland tried to dye her hair pink – see photo : BEAUTY

Last we heard Sarah Hyland Hair news, she practiced her hair cutting skills at her fiance Wells Adams. And since she did a pretty good job, it looks like she is now doing some DIY hair changes on herself with a new color.

Hyland wrote on it Instagram Stories she tried to dye her hair pink, but … well, it didn’t turn out what shade she was hoping for.

The actor wanted pink hair, a trend that so many people are jumping into in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Hyland has given the photo a title: “It should be pink, declining thanks to Venus.” She is apparently looking at the stars for a reason why she has had some issues with her makeover, and it is believed that Venus’ current retrograde movement creates challenges when you try to make aesthetic changes.

Still, she looks fantastic. Hyland designed their new bright red hue with a voluminous blowout, and the two complement each other perfectly.

Hyland also posted this photo on her stories showing that the color is only temporary and told her fans not to bleach her hair at home.

“They are temporary people !!! Please don’t bleach your hair at home. It scares me,” she wrote. If you’re at home and don’t come to a salon, one of the riskiest beauty handyman, according to the pros, can bleach your own hair. If you want to dye your hair pink, there are many temporary options that you can play around with until the salons reopen. But let’s leave the permanent stuff to the professionals, should we?

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