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Prince Edward Island Homeschool: Getting Started

Prince Edward Island is the smallest and most beautiful province in our country (I’m a little biased). Not only is it a great place to live, it’s also a great place to do homeschool. Why is that?

Prince Edward Island homeschooling: getting started

Prince Edward Island homeschoolers enjoy great freedom when teaching their children at home. There is no obligation to report to the provincial government. The Ministry of Education and Early Child Development is only asking you to do so Submit a simple form titled “Notice of Parents’ Intent to Home School”“(available here: ) with the statement that you intend to teach your children at home. You are fully responsible for all curricula, records, and tests.

However, you can use the provincial curriculum. To do this, contact the department for more information. However, most homeschoolers prefer to use one of the many curricula available that complement their lifestyle, philosophy, and moral / religious beliefs.

There are always a lot of activities in the homeschool community: sports such as swimming and skating, ceilidhs (kitchen parties) and other music events, trips to farms, sugar bushes and cultural centers and much more.

I am blessed to live in this province where home education is a relatively easy task and where there is a vibrant community of like-minded people to support you. Homeschooling on Prince Edward Island is an exciting opportunity and a privilege!

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This post was originally published by Jacqueline MacGregor in 2015. Jacqueline lives with her husband, their two children (both taught at home) and a Dutch miniature rabbit named Euphemia near Montague on eastern Prince Edward Island. She likes making cards, baking, reading and working in the garden. This post was updated in 2020.

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