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Parents condemn ULWS 3rd term fees : Nigerian Education

The parents of the kindergarten and elementary school of the Lagos University women’s society condemned the school’s request for fees for the 3rd semester.

The school emailed a letter to the parents on May 18, 2020, signed by the headmistress, Ms. Abimbola Afolabi.

The letter, informing parents of the June 5, 2020 deadline, stated that the fees are required to pay employees’ salaries.

“On May 4th, the school started online with the 3rd semester work plan. We are already in the third week of class. By the grace of God, we want to continue as long as is necessary.

“In order to maintain our commitment to our employees, it has become necessary to address our dear parents at this point. So that they please pay the school fees of our students. This is necessary in order to comply with the school’s legal obligations. Above all, the salary for teachers in May and the maintenance of online learning support, ”says the letter.

“We are not insensitive to the current economic situation, but will appreciate if all payments can be received by Friday, June 5, 2020 at the latest.

“If you cannot meet this deadline, please contact the headmistress to get a payment schedule,” he adds.

The letter also stated the amount parents should pay for the term. Students in the playgroup / kindergarten pay 49,000 N (if the parent is an employee of the University of Lagos) or 82,800 N (for non-employees of UNILAG). Kindergarten students pay N62,500 (employees); and N96.300 (non-personnel); Students in grades 1 through 4 pay N63.250 (employees) and N108.100 (non-employees).

While responding to the letter, most parents said this demand was insensitive to the economic impact of Covid-19.

“This is unfair. My salary was cut in half and the school came up with it?” Said one parent.

Another parent, a university employee, accused the school of not taking parents.

“The problem with school is that management is always arrogant. Most of the time, they don’t have parents with them.

“When this whole thing started, they started e-learning with WhatsApp. They later told us there would be a break and we started using the school’s website. Just to get emails three days ago, we should pay third term fees – more than the expected amount. When we refused, it was reviewed, but we were asked to pay more than three-quarters of the fees for online courses alone, ”said the parent.

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