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NASU begins at universities, polys, and colleges immediately after the warning strike resumes : Nigerian Education

NASU strike: The non-academic staff union of educational institutions and associated institutions (NASU) has complained about the underpaying of its members by the federal government via the integrated wage and personnel information system (IPPIS) since February and has threatened a strike at federal universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education as soon as schools are resumed nationwide.

NASU Secretary General Peters Adeyemi said in a statement in Abuja that the union had submitted official complaints to the Secretary of State for Labor and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, against the Federation’s general accountant. He said steps to resolve the crisis failed despite two meetings with IPPIS director Olufehinti Olusegun.

He added that, despite the assurances of a telephone discussion in early April, officials at IPPIS, unfortunately, have refused to make reasonable corrections to all of NASU members at federal and internal university centers, federal colleges, and federal colleges of education to date, ie salaries paid to our members in February, March and April 2020.

The union has formulated on the Trade Disputes Act (GAP 432), the Trade Disputes Act (Essential Services), the GAP 433 of the Federation of Nigeria Act 1990, and Decree No. 47 on Trade Disputes (Amendment) 1992, also form Called TD, called. 3rd

NASU announced that it had sent its members to a 14-day warning strike at federal universities and in-house centers, federal colleges, and federal schools for education that would apply to all of the facilities mentioned when work resumed.

In a letter with reference number NASU / CD / 307/209, NASU said the 14-day warning strike would be used to protest IPPIS ‘refusal to respond positively to problems related to the correct payment of their members’ salaries and other errors identified that had been put in front of the IPPIS for correction.

It added that an indefinite strike will begin if no positive action is taken to improve the situation.

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