Dramatic home office redo with black blanket Interior Design

Old houses often have a lot of built-in charm – but sometimes this charm is a little buried, as it was in Annabelle’s house from 1886 (@ gardenhousegram) shares with her friend Tom. Especially the home office and the fireplace needed help. “Although the office was a good size, it wasn’t set up to our taste,” says Annabelle. “The wallpaper was out of date and peeling, and the bookshelf consisted of only a few boards with hardly anything to hang on!”

There was also a wooden panel that covered part of a wall that Annabelle suspected contained a little more. “The house is very old, so I knew there had to be some kind of fireplace behind the terrible wooden board that covered the wall,” says Annabelle. “When I found a cheap but beautiful cast iron fireplace on the Facebook marketplace, it was the impetus I needed to redecorate the room.” The goal: to make the transformation as cheap as possible.

One thing she knew she wanted to install was a dark blanket. “I had seen a lot of Instagram and Pinterest photos of dark ceilings and fell in love with the idea,” says Annabelle. She also wanted to create a statement fireplace that matches the style and age of the property, and invite and invite the lackluster space to work comfortably to listening to albums on her turntable for hours on end.

The entire transformation took about two weeks and only cost about £ 200. Tom and his friend tackled the fireplace first; They took the board off to expose the chimney and found a mess in it. “The dust that came out and into the room could be smelled for days and seemed to land on everything,” says Annabelle. “In retrospect, I would definitely have made sure there were more dusters all over.Annabelle had to grind her new (old) cast iron fireplace before installing it too. Once this was done, they installed a new tile stove in a graphic asterisk pattern.

Then the color came. Annabelle and Tom took off the wallpaper and painted the walls white – but the first one they chose was more light blue than white, so they had to start over from the beginning. “Everyone will know the pain of finishing a paint job just to decide that you want to start over!” Annabelle says.

The ceiling received a contrasting black paint for high drama. Annabelle and Tom painted the built-in shelves appropriately (and also replaced the falling out boards). The ceiling painting was the most difficult part, says Annabelle: “It breaks back!”

The finishing touch? New art over the fireplace. “During the renovation, I also upcycled a poster that used to hang in my nonna’s house and showed two angels,” says Annabelle. “I painted the frame black and added a pink neon cloud to give it a modern touch. I love prints, especially old-style photos that have been graffitized or modernized in some way. The fact that my Nonna’s poster now hangs over the fireplace and looks so good makes me smile every time I go to the office! “

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