Little Miracles launches sparkling canned iced tea Packaging Design

Little Miracles began its mission to develop products that use the natural power of nature. to create delicious drinks for people who take care of it. This was in 2012 and the ethos remains the same to this day. As the company continues to strive to improve its environmental performance, the recent launch of the two new foam ice creams is the next step towards being completely plastic-free by the summer of 2023.

Frederik Senger, founder of Little Miracles, commented on the new product line as follows: “This is a really exciting start for us as we want to halve our plastic production by the end of the year.

Little Miracles was one of the first brands in Europe to repackage its beverage range with new, sustainable options. We have decided to bring our organic juice shots in glass bottles to the market, to pack our 1 liter ice tea in vegetable Tetra Paks. Now we have taken our original iced tea, filled it into a 100% recyclable aluminum can and made it sparkle.

This comes from a place where you really believe that it is possible to make a difference for the planet. Now and for future generations. We already use only organic ingredients – carefully harvested under environmentally friendly conditions. All of Mother Nature’s ingenious creations are included in our products for a reason. And now, with this product line, we are 100% plastic-free by summer 2023.

We have to pay respect to Mother Nature and the Little Miracles brand is our contribution. Our hopes, beliefs and beliefs are shown in the way we think and act as little miracles. “

The name Little Miracles suggests that every bottle contains a promise, “from the large and ancient box of small treasures from Mother Nature”.

“We have traveled all over the world from the Far East to South America and Africa to harvest the strongest organic roots, plants and fruits that have been used in local herbal medicine and the food industry for centuries. In our drinks and snacks, we consider all the properties to be wonderful enough so that each product promises a small increase in refreshing, healthy and deliciously uplifting ingredients. “

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