How to add spark to your marriage Dating

The elusive spark: It’s something everyone wants to have in a relationship with another person. Once you find it, be sure to keep it, otherwise your marriage (or even your long-term relationship) will feel stale, boring, and lifeless. If you and your spouse still love each other, but may not feel as much in love as you prefer, follow these tips. You will bring some passion, fun and sexuality back into your bond.

10. Start at the beginning

You will probably have fond memories of your first date with your spouse. You were probably quite nervous and felt this familiar enthusiasm for butterflies in your stomach. Repeat these feelings by returning to the locale where you both had your first date. Don’t try to recreate the moment, but instead estimate how far you’ve come as you think back to those beautiful early moments.

9. View mementos from early dates

When you both return home, continue the journey back in time by looking at all the memorabilia you captured on your first date. Items include movie ticket stubs, museum passes, restaurant memorabilia, or souvenirs of any kind. Feel a little nostalgic and ask your spouse to do the same.

8. Change your look

When your marriage is in trouble, it never hurts to redesign yourself. You don’t have to change every facet of your appearance. far from it. A new haircut or a new color or a nice outfit that was bought off the shelf can really change how you see yourself and how your spouse sees you.

7. Write love notes

In a world of text messaging and other predominant online communication, handwritten notes mean so much more. If you don’t have the time or the ability to sit down and write an entire love letter, opt for some love letters instead. These can only be small reminders of how much you love your spouse. You will go a long way.

6. Look at the wedding footage

Whether your wedding was a year ago or 10 years ago, it is still considered the happiest and most important day of your life. Go back and watch the footage that your friends, family and professional videographers recorded from the big day. You and your spouse can connect and maybe even get some anniversary ideas.

5. Go away

If everything about your routine feels stale, change it by planning a trip together. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown vacation if it’s not included in the budget. Instead, a weekend trip has the same advantages, but doesn’t cost nearly as much.

4. Plan date nights

If you and your spouse only see each other at home these days after work, it’s time to change that. Schedule an appointment this weekend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an opera or a five-star restaurant, but try to make it beautiful. Get dressed and prepare for a night in the city with the love of your life.

3. Listen to special music together

Of course, you and your spouse have a song, whether it’s one you’ve heard since your first meeting or even your wedding theme. Music can be very powerful. This sugar-sweet melody can evoke romantic and loving feelings. It is even better if you both sit down and listen to the song together, maybe even while drinking some wine.

2. Try a new hobby or activity

It has been proven that pursuing new hobbies and activities together can promote bonding in a relationship or marriage. If you two always have dinner and a film routine, you do something else. The more exciting, the closer you will feel, even if it only means visiting an amusement park.

1. Renew your vows

To strengthen your love and remind yourself and yourself why you are both committed to marriage, renewing your vows is a great option. You don’t need a fancy ceremony like for your wedding. Better keep it small and invite an esteemed group of friends and family.

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