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The whole globe was on a massive teddy bear hunt

By Jeana Durst, Content Director at JBMC Media

Something remarkable is happening in the United States and in more than 10 other countries. You have probably noticed it on your street or have already participated. If you don’t have it, we will officially invite you to a bear hunt – a teddy bear hunt.

It is not clear how this phenomenon started, but it is obvious that this pandemic had a feeling of comfort in this pandemic – a collective “aww” when families started to put stuffed bears and other animals in the windows and all of us to invite them to discover them. if you want. This universal symbol for care is a non-verbal way to express camaraderie and love from a safe social distance.

A teddy bear hangs on the door of Tammy Arnaus’ house in Hoover.

Scott Stantis from Hoover, editor for The Chicago Tribune and creator of the comic Prickly city, drew a bear for The Tribune, which was part of a story where people could download a PDF to cut out their own bear or submit their bear photos. “We’ve got hundreds and hundreds of answers – it’s just so damn beautiful,” says Stantis. (When his name appears familiar, Stantis has drawn editorial cartoons for The Birmingham News for years.)

He has an even deeper connection to bears. “I gave a teddy bear that I gave my wife for our first Christmas together almost 40 years ago – it’s a pot-bellied bear and we call it pots.” Stantis was inspired to do the newspaper illustration after a friend said she would come to Stantis House on a teddy bear hunt. “So of course I ran and we put pots on the veranda of a chair,” explains Stantis. “The way you chase them is by waving at them.” Since then, he and his wife have taken long walks and traveled to other quarters to hunt themselves. It is exactly this kind of thing that causes us all – young and old – to put aside the worries of the pandemic, if only for a while.

Stantis has decided to draw this special bear you see above just for us Bham family We hope this will inspire you to send us photos of your stuffed bear or those you spot by sending them to our Facebook page.

Scott Stantis, editor of The Chicago Tribune and resident of Hoover, drew a special cartoon for Bham Family and this story.

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