These NGOs are very important to us and need your help African Travel

Africa is currently feeling vulnerable

We are well aware that in the informal settlements of Africa it is the less fortunate who cannot effectively isolate themselves and who will suffer the most. Life is hard in most parts of Africa, and now your help is needed more than ever. Past customers who traveled to Africa with us would most likely have come across one of these or similar community organizations. These organizations are very important to us and a dollar is enough.

UTHANDO is an NGO with an award-winning model for responsible tourism and traveling philanthropy. With a network of valued partnerships in the field of tourism and community development, Uthando does amazing, innovative work at the highest level in Cape Town’s townships. donate

HOOPS 4 HOPE is an international nonprofit organization operating in underserved communities in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Your concept of “ Ubuntu – I am because we are, “ is more than an idea at the moment, it’s our reality. The whole world is facing the same threat and we need to work together as a team to fight it together. Learn more

CHRISTEL HOUSE SCHOOL helps children break the cycle of poverty, realize their hopes and dreams and become self-sufficient members of society. The families of these children are informal micro and small entrepreneurs who rely on daily sales to keep groceries on the table for themselves and their dependents. Donate here

HOME FROM HOME provides assisted and supervised community care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children through a network of small family homes in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. For more information

In Botswana NATURAL SELECTION has a Covid-19 Village Support Program where $ 75 feeds a family of 6 for a month; $ 300 will provide a classroom with children for a month, $ 1400 for an Elephant Express bus for a month.

Orchestrated by Lise Kargaard In our office we teamed up with the popular local band. GOOD LUCK and buy staple foods and prepare foods that are then collected and distributed by Where the rainbow meets to the people of Vrygrond. You can DONATE Here.

With the current exchange rate, only $ 20 is enough.

We thank everyone who has already donated so generously.

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