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Everything feels strange at the moment and the future is almost impossible to predict. If you are on leave or released, you may feel that there is no hope of finding a new opportunity until the pandemic is under control. It is true that the new normal will not look like 2019, but job seekers who have a head start on their transition will not regret it.

If you find yourself in one of the industries that have suddenly stalled – such as accommodation, travel, or entertainment – you may need to consider changing your career path. These industries will take much longer to recover, and they will not create new jobs for months, maybe years. This is a good time to take stock of your transferable skills and determine where they may be needed. If you have experience in sales, customer service, administration or accounting, you have experience that can easily be transferred to another industry. Take this opportunity to make your resume more general and look at companies that may be hired when business returns to normal.

This could be the time to add new skills. IT help desk, security and programming skills will be in greater demand than ever, as many companies are switching their workforce from home to work. LinkedIn Learning offers an affordable subscription to more than 15,000 expert-led courses, including programming and developer courses, that you can access online at your own schedule. You’ll find courses on everything from stress management to sales, Microsoft Office tools to management, and each comes with a certificate upon completion. Subscriptions start at $ 19.99 a month after a 30-day free trial. Find it at

You can also examine remote work as a permanent option. has been a trustworthy platform for finding contract, remote and teleworking jobs since 2007 items List of 70 companies that have always been remote-friendly and are now hiring. FlexJobs is also a paid subscription ($ 14.99 / month), but it offers every opportunity for job cheating, too good to be true, to eliminate business opportunities, ads, pure commission jobs, and junk jobs, which saves you time and headaches save up. It’s a safe place to explore jobs that may not be in your garden.

Whatever you choose, start it now. In June and July, when unemployment benefits run out for many, there will be millions more job seekers as people who have been waiting at home return to the job market. You can position yourself for early vacancies by laying the groundwork now. Invest in your LinkedIn profile, expand your online network and turn to contacts from previous jobs. When companies start hiring again, they may prefer someone they know and trust to work over someone with no proven track record.

“One day or one day. You decide.” Paulo Coelho

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