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Business Ideas To Make Money During The Corona Crisis – The corona crisis creates serious problems for everyone. Both businesspeople and professionals are affected by this crisis. Most people are looking for business ideas and ways to make money in this uncertain time. If you are one of them, you will find pre-made help here. Here is a list of 10 small business ideas that can help you make a lot of money in the corona crisis.

All of these business ideas are demand-driven and should bring a very good profit during the Corona crisis. So let’s start with some of the best business ideas you can make money with.

Business ideas to make money

10 business ideas to make money in the Corona crisis

# 1 face mask store

The demand for face masks is increasing and should remain constant in the coming days. This creates a new business called the face mask business. In this shop you have to make face masks and sell them in the market.

There are different types of face masks like N95 mask, cloth mask, surgical mask etc. First I would recommend a cloth mask. It is easy to make a fabric mask. You only need a sewing machine and fabric to make a mask. As soon as you have the mask under control, you can adjust it and also choose to make fancy masks.

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# 2 Face Shield Business

The Face Shield business is the next business idea on the list. The demand for face protection is growing due to the corona crisis. Many people have started using face protection as part of the PPE. In the face protection store, you can either make face protection or trade face protection.

The raw material required to manufacture a face shield is readily available. You can manually make a face shield or mass-produce with machines. In this business you can make a very good profit margin.

# 3 Disinfectants do business

The use of hand disinfectants is very high. Hand disinfectants are a powerful tool against bacterial and viral infections, especially COVID-19. So it is only natural that disinfectants become part of our lives. So starting a business with disinfectants makes sense.

You need sufficient knowledge to start this company. You can get help from an expert or hire a workforce for this company. You also need to get government approval to start this business.

# 4 PSA kit business

The PSA kit is a kit for personal protective equipment. The use of the PSA kit is mandatory for medical personnel and those who remain outside in the field for a long time during the coronavirus crisis. So it is obvious that PSA kits are in high demand. PSA kits contain various things mask, face protection, safety glasses, protective clothing, gloves, etc.

The PSA kit can be mass-produced at home or at the factory. You need expertise and knowledge to make a PPE kit. Your kit should pass a quality test before mass production.

# 5 cleaning services

The demand for cleaning services is increasing due to the COVID 19 outbreak. People want office equipment and furniture to be disinfected several times a day. Therefore, starting the cleaning business is a very good business option. In this business, you need to contract small businesses for cleaning services. You need cleaning staff to start this business. It is a growing business option with very good potential.

# 6 vegetable store

The next business idea is a vegetable store. It is an evergreen business. Vegetables are needed by almost everyone. In this shop you have to do vegetable trading. If you have enough workers, you can also consider delivering vegetables to your home.

# 7 retail product store

Retail products or groceries are usually in demand during the Corona crisis. If you have a small business, think about opening a retail product store. The investments required for this business are moderate. You have to work on the supply chain to survive in this business in the current situation.

# 8 family meal delivery service

Next up is the breakfast or grocery store on the list. Many families still prefer ready-made nasta (breakfast) or food. If you are a good cook and prepare breakfast or food in bulk, this business is for you. It’s easy to start low-risk business options with little investment. You need workers to deliver food.

# 9 medicine home delivery business

Medicine is one of the essential elements these days. Because of the corona crisis, people do not prefer to go outside. Starting a home delivery is therefore a very good business option. You work practically from home and pick up the order by phone or WhatsApp. They need workers to deliver medication and related items. Once you’ve established yourself in this business, you can plan to build an order-taking app online.

# 10 fruit shop

Establishing a fruit shop is next on the list of business ideas. Despite uncertainty, fruits are always in demand. Fruit helps increase immunity. Fruit is therefore likely to remain in demand during the Corona crisis. If you have a small shop or suitable place, you can open your own fruit shop. It is a business option with low investment and high return.

Over to you

Do you think the above business ideas will help you make money during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Do you have other business ideas that are not listed above? If so, share it via the comments section.

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