The Catholic woman: In silence Christian Fashion

Screens starve to death from the grace of silence.

It is easy to get lost in the godless hysteria of our time. Everything is being commercialized to serve the insane worldly demand. But everything is so wrong, so unnatural and so empty.

In silence, our souls begin to wake up again.

If we turn off the bombing with dirt and dare stand with everything that’s gone, we’ll see our true situation.

Maybe that’s scary. We are addicted to constant stimulation. We rely on the distracting indoctrination of the revolution. Screens starve to death our souls the grace of silence.

Throw away everything! Step back and see the wreck of the world. Can we feed our souls to wake up, to dream again?

Get out there and defend civilization that rests on your shoulders

of Christians.

I look at my baby and I want her to enjoy the fruits of Christianity. I want the spirit of God for them! But we live in a time of moral decline, some say on the brink of a crisis.

The bigger the battle, the more glorious the fight. Don’t give up and hide! Get out there and defend civilization that rests on the shoulders of Christians. Send your children to a robust future. Put man back in his glorious state. Defy the politically correct agenda and instead find beauty in every situation, in thoughts, conversations and ways of being.

The Christian family is the place to learn love. But it is only the beginning.

Let us dare to reject the secular postmodern world, live the truth and fight for one back to order?

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