How to sell used furniture in Tampa Home Staging

How to sell old furniture
Selling used furniture is not an easy task. As a Tampa Home Stager and interior designer, we are constantly asked by homeowners, sellers, and brokers how to sell this stuff. Unfortunately, high-quality furniture that you bought 20 years ago and for which you paid for one arm and five legs is not a hot purchase. Especially when it is dark, heavy and traditional furniture.

Today’s home buyers invest less in furniture. Many don’t care that it will take 100 years or that it was made by great artisans in a small town in Pennsylvania. When you have enjoyed the furniture with your family and created some great memories that you are thankful for but that do not mean that someone else sees the value of your pieces.

Now back to some money for this old furniture
Our experience has shown that these paths can bear fruit below.

If you have a lot of items, do a property sale
If you need a real estate sales expert, here is a company that can help you. They manage the entire process and are excellent for work.
Real Estate Sales Expert – Lee Ann Crane – 727-584-1159 Lee Ann has worked with several of our clients. I asked her how most property sales work.

“Real estate sales are carried out when the amount of personal property in a house is higher than desired or needed. Most often the house is sold due to death or downsizing. The items in the house must be disposed of in order to achieve the goal of selling the house.

There are many ways in which real estate sales professionals are paid. Many real estate professionals calculate a percentage of gross sales. Others have fees for components of a property sale, such as: B. A set-up fee and a collection fee plus a percentage of sales.

Most property sales companies are booked weeks in advance. Many sales are booked with the property closing in mind. Some sales are made before a real estate offer is made. This makes the dealer’s job easier since he can start with an empty board.

Real estate sales companies market their own marketing via the Internet, mailing lists and contacts in related companies. ”

Sell ​​it online
Selling items online is a love-hate relationship for many people, including us. Depending on the location, you don’t usually have to share the profit with others. The downside, however, is that you are dealing with unreliable leads, calls, people coming to your home, and sometimes shipping. Some online sales platforms are Craig’s List (cheaper items), eBay, Charish (higher end).

Sell ​​to Home Stager
Depending on what it is, some home artists will also buy furniture. Send them a photo and a price.

Consider shipment
There are several places where your articles will be featured and listed. In most cases, you will need to submit photos of the item first. If they authorize you to ship it, they usually take 50% of the retail price. If an item is not sold after the specified time, it will be transported to charity or picked up by you.

Consignment boutiques and shops in the Tampa Bay market

Sleeping place
Roost is a furnishing and decoration boutique in South Tampa at 2301B South MacDill Ave, Tampa, Florida 33629. The owner Linda has a high standard of design, curates and markets her shop superbly and actively advertises the product on her Instagram account. The best way to communicate with roost is by email. [email protected]

Missing piece
The missing piece sells new and used furniture. They have two locations, one in Tampa and one in Clearwater.

De ja vu has over 11,000 square feet in St. Pete. You can find out more about their process on their website at the link.

Design Buy Consign is now called Vintage post marketplace
The hotel is located in Seminole Heights.

Room exchange online
The hotel is located in Lutz.

Consignment furniture gallery
The hotel is located in Clearwater.

(If you know of other good places, email me and we’ll add them to the list.)

Donate or give it to friends
Salvation Army, Goodwill and Hospice pick up your items and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. Sometimes this is the best way. Or ask your friends if they want.

Sell ​​used furniture in Tampa
This is how you rate your items that you want to sell

That is the million dollar question. It is not uncommon to get pennies on the dollar for old and outdated items. Don’t take it personally. If you’ve had the items for more than 20 years, you’ve come at your expense.

If you sell something that is new, trendy and in excellent condition, you can expect to get 25-60% off retail. Search for the item online. If the buyer doesn’t need to assemble the product and you deliver it, you may get more.

In any case, think about what your time is worth and what costs for dealing with strangers are incurred. After a few weeks of trying to sell things yourself, donating items becomes quite attractive.

Happy selling!
Karen Post: Founder of Home Frosting

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