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Writing letters to legislators

Here is some information to help you:

Our message:

We know that the COVID crisis costs a lot of money.
Governor Newsom had to change the budget proposal and make some cuts.

All public ed has some cuts. Adult Ed has bigger cuts.
Adult Ed has never recovered – has been adequately funded again – by
the big cuts of 2008/09.

California needs a strong Adult Ed for a strong recovery.
Adult education can help people survive and recover from the crisis.
English, professional skills, health information, GED, high school diploma,
and citizenship can help people take care of their families, help them
Children with distance learning, work from home, find new jobs and
Volunteers in the community.

Stable funding for adult education will help stabilize California

Brief How To

Who are your legislators for your place of residence?

Be sure to mention whether you live or work in a district!

Note: It may be helpful to write to the assembly member, Phil Ting

* “Due to his experience in the financial sector and as
San Francisco assessor recorder, Ting has become a leading voice

on California’s finances. He is now the chairman of the assembly

Budget Committee after serving as Chairman of the Assembly

Committee on Income and Taxes. ”

Member of the Phil Ting Assembly website

Contact information:
  • Capitol Office:
  • PO Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0019
  • Tel .: 916 – 319 – 2019
  • District office
  • 455 Golden Gate Ave, Suite 14600, San Francisco, CA 94102
  • San Mateo adult school
    Students with letters to the legislature
  • Tel .: 415 557 1178

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